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  1. Last thread gave me this idea. List your 5 favorite lines. With JJ or solo, doesn't matter. I'll start with the first few that come to mind Lookin' for the one "Nine Trey everybody want to be a gangsta Pup pup pup pup but no more thanks to me You got something you can flip on the other tip As you get lost in the smooth rhymes I rip Years and year my peer misunderstood, That I make cuts from my guts to make you feel good" Tell me why "And why the **** can't love, seem to defeat hate?" I loved you "I loved you more than anything I wanted us to be one flesh and one bone
  2. My top 5 underrated singles: 1. Getting Jiggy with it 2. Miami 3. Swtich 4. Freakin it 5. Just the two of us Just kidding!!! There are lots, and lots that I agree with that's already been said. Here are some that's been left out: I wish I made that / Swagga Willow is a player 1,000 kisses How da Beat goes Mama Knows I'm going to start a new thread of TOP VERSES spit by big willie!
  3. I was looking around YouTube for a focus trailer, but came across "blind ref". How come nobody here has mentioned it? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=okPXiUpyQu0
  4. One of the songs on my playlist when I work out is Loretta. He starts off by saying that its a true story. I also remember reading about it somewhere but cannot recall. Can somebody fill me in? Josh Cabanlong
  5. Well he said that he`s 17 at the time in the mixtape. You think there is any possible way to get a hold of the cassette?
  6. @Kylio_27 First, why would you voice your negative opinions about somebody on his own forum? Regardless if you are right or wrong, you are going to create arguments for the sake or arguing. I'm sure you have other people in your life, or other forums where you can discuss Will Smith with people who aren't biased. You basically came in looking for an argument. Second, this is the media. Have you ever heard of saying the right things? I watch a lot of basketball. Whenever a player is interviewed, they, for the most part all say the same things over and over. Things like stating the obvious,
  7. You are entitled to your own opinion, but I really like chosen one.
  8. Ale, you have no idea how pumped up I was to these new discoveries. I'd like to thank you all! Now I just have to have a CD for each of these songs!
  9. Wussup Fellas, So today I was hanging out with a friend of mine, we decided to go look in a record store and we asked if there was any Will Smith records and we found "Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Summertime 98 - For promotional use only." I was HYPED and my friend bougt it for me. I looked at the back and I saw a song I never heard before, "Lovely Daze". So when I got home, I youtubed it and I liked it. It lead to a bunch more songs I never heard. The crazy thing is that I thought I had all his CD's. The CD's that I have: Code Red He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper And in Thos Corner Lost
  10. Thanks for all that responded. I recently got a couple more albums to my collection, now I almost have them all. So you guys got a good feel of what I like, I'm going to post my favorites of each album I have. Big Willie Style - Candy - Miami - It's All Good Born to Reign - Born to Reign - I Can't Stop - 1000 Kisses - Nod Ya Head He's the DJ I'm The Rapper - Hes the DJ Im the Rapper - Brand New Funk (music video version better) - Nightmare on My Street - Parents Just Don't Understand Homebase - I'm All That - Who Stole the DJ - You Saw My Blinker Lost And Found - Here
  11. lol it looks like i wasn't signed in when I posted this.
  12. I like what you guys have been doing here.
  13. Back early in the year, a friend of mine through a new years party with a retro theme. so i dressed up at the fresh prince. everybody at the party pointed at me throughout the night and said, "hey your will smith"
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