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  1. hey ya!!!i was at disco las night,and i was very bored,then i heard:old remark ready set let's go!!!...yeahhhhhhh,gettin jiggy wit it,and i jumped to the floor and started to do gettin jiggy wit it dance(narana na na na na),then people began to follow this movement and it was cool when all people started to do this thing!!hahahahahaha but damn!!!!!....i don't do this like will!!!!..it's not difficult cause its a cool thing but...i don't do this like will!!!hahaha
  2. hey what do you prefer??????fresh prince dance like will does in many episodes,y'all know what dance i'm talking about.hahahaha.or do you prefer carlton dance,its cool too!!!hahaha.choose!!!!! do you remember in "soul train" episode,alfonso ribeiro dancing?????is like wooooooooooowwwwwww!!!!!he's a great great dancer!!!!!
  3. uncle phil

    will feat 2 pac and biggie

    how do you imagine that FP feat 2pac and biggie tracks???????oh i'm expecting so much for this release!!!!!!2pac and Will are very different styles!!!what this songs will talk about???gangsta rap???freestyle??about love???
  4. uncle phil

    anyone can rap???

    hey guys,the rap thing....is something that someone else could do???U have to be black man/woman to feel the roots and do this?what is necesary to rap?is about colour,or training,feeling.i am not sure!!!!!!i heard that FP at age of 12 have much facilitie to rhyme and rap...
  5. uncle phil

    Vote 4 Your Favourite Rap Artist

  6. uncle phil


    let's see...if will and eminem could freestyle in a battle like 8 miles movie,well i think that will perfectly could bite em,and he'd do in his own way,imagine that em diss will in the way that em does,diss on his "soft" rap,or cursing a lot etc....but will.....people here talk about WWW,or miami tracks,but somebody have hearded "he's the dj ..."for example?,i never see will in a battle,but i think that he can freestyle,and jazzy jeff in a interview say it too,i'm supossed that will were in battles in philly,and he won a lot,(in many songs Will say this),then Will can bite eminem, why not?????the fact is that Will don't have to demostrate nothin',and i'm sure eminem have much respect and admire Will... anyway....i want to see will freestyling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. uncle phil

    one lucky homeless man!!!!!!!!!

    Will is a very good person and that is the most and first important thing in a artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. uncle phil

    will voice

    hey guys what's up,when i heard born to reign,i think that something in will voice has changed,because you listen to BWS or Willenium or Code red,and will's voice is different,somebody think like me?or simply is about diferent record processes???
  9. uncle phil

    will ability

    the other day i heard all jjfp and will smith albums and i was thinking in wich song Will show his best mic ability,what do you think????maybe somethin' like this????maybe la fiesta?????
  10. uncle phil


    yesterday i downloaded code red album!!!!i've heard some songs but not all the songs like somethin like dis or i'm lookin for the one,and wow!!!!!incredible stuff,and a good good good rhymes!!!i love somethin like dis when will start to rap very fast for a four or five verses,what a level!!!!!!hehehehe,and other awesome party tracks like scream!!!!!it's wonderful!!!! we love you jjfp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. uncle phil


    man ,here in Spain u don't find ,code red album,believe me because i've searched for this album over the city,and the only thing that i can do is to download.
  12. uncle phil

    will ability

    And what's up with The Rain?????????????????????????????????one of the best lyrical songs of Will
  13. uncle phil

    will voice

    grew up????????from rock the house to code red yes,he grew up,but in bws he was 28 years old!!!!!!and he can't madure from
  14. uncle phil

    about will!!!!!!!

    hey what's up! do you think that will smith is diferent that others rappers???it's his style very personal like 2 pac for example???what do you think about it???and maybe would work with atoj to do the music that he really want to do???
  15. uncle phil


    why jazzy don't put a jjfp or will smith song in "hip hop forever"?????????
  16. what are the diferences betwen old school and new school??????
  17. uncle phil

    will "rappers delight"

    imagine that Will could perform rappers delight!!!!would be funny!!!and what rappers of the new school would u like to perform that song with will????? i'd like jay-z,jay-d and outkast!!!!
  18. uncle phil

    will feat warren g

    whats up ya!,imagine a song with prince and warren g or ll cool j,it's my dream!!! here some good lines "i can take twelve rappers and put em in line then twelve mc's that think they can rhyme then twelve more brothers,that still ain't signed then do nuthin,just watch em decline"
  19. uncle phil

    eminem new single

    what do you think about new eminem single"my band"??i think that eminem sucks,he goes like:ohhhhhhh i'm the best,girls want to suck my cock,i'm the best zzzzzzzzuuuuupppppppppp thanx hahahah
  20. nice beats on this song!!!!but....what is the meaning of da butta???
  21. uncle phil

    Will's interview with big Boy

    well,i'm spanish and the part when he talks about eminem i dont understand,can anybody write the answer that will explain????????????thanx
  22. uncle phil

    A question

    could somebody explain me the meaning of "the rain" song????what Will is talking about in this track????thanx
  23. uncle phil

    best b-side

    help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
  24. uncle phil

    best b-side

    where or how can i listen to this b-sides tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????i've never listen it!!!
  25. uncle phil

    The best love song by Will

    hey what's up with Maybe???????????????????this is a love song too!!!!beautiful!!!!!