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  1. yoshiPL

    Street Fighter 4 Trailer

    still the SF III 3rd striek is The best 2D fighter ever made
  2. yoshiPL

    Nintendo Designing A New DS?

    Nintendo will probaly make even more versions od DS in the future, just like GBA in the past
  3. yoshiPL

    Super Mario Galaxy

    that game is must have on Wii definetely
  4. yoshiPL

    New Snoop Dogg

    no mather wahat, Snoop still is tha Shiznit
  5. yoshiPL

    Alvin and the Chipmunks looks great.

    the movie is out alreday?
  6. yoshiPL

    Our first musicvideo

    great vid, people
  7. dat video is quite decent
  8. yoshiPL

    New members..hello!

    Ssuup homies
  9. yoshiPL

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Men in Black OST :)