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  1. greghousemd

    Willennium VS Lost & Found

    lost and found is more todays-rap, not like willenium, which was very poppy in my opinion. although willenium is the oldest cd is own - must have bought it at the age of 12 or 13 i think ( 19 now ) - i like lost and found more.
  2. greghousemd

    Wild Wild West Live

    what a pity. it's down again. would have loved to see it. any change of reupping it?
  3. greghousemd

    Hip Hop Honors 2008

    you're right. just like in the rocknroll hall of fame, when a complete band is introduced, will and jeff should be honoured for their early work as JJFP. will as a solo artist has never been that great, although bws is close to be a masterpiece in my opinion.
  4. greghousemd

    Most expensive music videos of all time

    mhm, maybe you're right in this case. there are better songs on bws. but it was definitly worth the buy - and it was even cheaper in sweden than in germany. ^^
  5. greghousemd

    Favorite popular song

    my favorites are gettin jiggy and miami. i need some good-feeling hits up here at the north of germany. not much to laugh about here. ^^
  6. greghousemd

    Most expensive music videos of all time

    why? i bought the single on a classtrip to sweden when i was 12. i loved it - and i do still love the video. ^^
  7. i also think it's their best album, but i'm not of the opinion, that it was their only good album. 'nightmare on my street' ist such a great track. the one i hear on my mp3-player every morning on my way to work in the kindergarten. ^^
  8. greghousemd

    He's the DJ, I'm the Writer

    i like it...somehow. ^^ the first time he threw someone out of a house i think. ^^
  9. greghousemd

    Will Smith: On the Set of 'I Am Legend'

    he's so damn cool. and he looks great in the movie. reminds me of i robot - which was even great. really looking forward to see the movie, but it will last some more days, because i think it'll start later in germany.
  10. greghousemd

    Will Smith wants to be David Beckham's BFF

    how charming. beckham and will? would love to see a foto of them together. ^^