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  1. 5 hours ago, DevilsJim89 said:

    Can we please move on from the whole cursing subject? It's really not even an issue for me. Just let it go. He's not changing who he is lyrically by cursing. I understand where he's coming from. 

    He discussed some interesting subjects. Especially about He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper. However, Will has a tendency whether its on purpose or not, to totally avoid the question and talk about something so off-base. He was asked about a roadmap for a new album and what's next - and he started talking about Kanye and the Medici family and people around their structure and blah blah blah ...like just give us some insight! Obviously, music is super personal to him and he's a little timid still about people liking his music.

    Well cursing doesn't personally bother me but unfortunately like I said a big portion of his fan base view him as family-friendly and it's gonna be a risk to his image.. Btw yes I thought he dragged out parts of this interview I wasn't feeling that ei ther....

  2. Thanks to this I watched this in bits over the past couple days now there's great parts but I personally don't agree with his stance on cussing in his music now still he tries to make it look like trump is the devil like so many celebrities now do I liked Obama too but life wasn't perfect then either if it was then why didn't will release more music? Now will believes the public's perception of him being a blockbuster actor that occasionally raps he doesn't have high confidence in his mc ability as a fan who has believed in his music I find that disappointing that he's only chasing after what's popular these days saying that today's rappers have more talent than him