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  1. Suicide Squad

    Whats happening to his status? Havent been following him lately or seen him in anything. Has his stock dropped ?
  2. After Earth Box Office

    I'm glad it's bombing. Hopefully Will takes notice.
  3. Ehmmm what ? What does a movie doing well have to do with him doing music ? I know it's been said in a joking manner but still. Shows what's really on Wills mind. Quite frankly I want this movie to bomb so Will can start focusing on his own career.
  4. Focus: released March 2015

    The script is pretty strong. Also Kristin Stewart is out. That's a double win-win. I hope Will is in for this one. Finally a good pick. Wanna bet the female lead is NOT going to be white ? I hope I'll live to see the day where we'll see interracial relationships on the big screen without people making a big deal out of it. They'll probably avoid a black actress too and go in the middle by selecting a latin actress. Wouldn't mind seeing Lawrence as the lead. Not gonna happen though.
  5. Jamie Foxx disses on Will

  6. Django Unchained

    The more I hear about this film the more pissed off I get at Will for turning it down. Not like he chose another A list production over this but he chose AE. Nepotism, money over quality it's his business but it is a shame to not utilize ones own qualities in a certain field (music, movies) especially given Wills status. He is a terrific actor and he pretty much has the power no other actor has and yet no one will talk about how good of an actor is when his time comes. Instead they'll talk about how mediocre he is (which he isn't) because he spent most of his time either pimping his kids or taking blockbuster money or be in mediocre safe films just because he has total control over it. When it comes to music I went another way (because Will stopped a long time ago) and now I'm slowly becoming less interested in his film career. I'll probably avoid AE and Annie or whatever comes next. I remember how excited I was for him during the 90's early 00's and these past few years are .... very disappointing to say the least.

    Epic facepalm right there. Emmerich has no shame.
  8. Transformers 4

    Jerry Bruckheimer should find another director and just make BB3 happen. I'm sick of waiting for this guy. Serves him right for letting Will and the gang wait for so long. I'm sure there would be many competent directors who can even do a better job than Bay.
  9. The way he talks about it looks like an action film so doubt it's Annie. Could it be Hancock 2 ?
  10. Django Unchained

    What a douchey way of commenting on this by QT. Lol at him trying to make Will out as ''some'' actor, like he wasn't good enough.
  11. Willow I am me

    Did she borrow those clothes from The Fresh Prince (during the late 80's/early 90's) ?