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    Suicide Squad

    sadly the teaser trailer has been removed but it looked freaking awesome even as a bootleg video
  2. gosia

    Suicide Squad

    ​I like this Django meets Wild Wild West meets Shaft look.
  3. gosia

    Your reviews of Focus

    The movie opened in Poland yesterady so I went to see it the opening day. I really enjoyed it. It's smart, it's slick and it's sexy. Will and Margot's chemistry is what defines this movie. You can tell they really enjoyed each others company. The cinematography and the colorful visuals are great but the musical score is just amazing. Kudos to whoever was responsible for picking the songs - they really complement the scenes and you feel like you were actaully there. I was hoping to see in IMAX but for whatever reason they don't play it in Poland, at least in my city. There is a scene where Will and Margot are dancing, some parts are in slow motion, the music, the light, the way they look it's just beautiful. I hope somebody can make a collage of their scenes and put it on youtube later on. Margot is a great actress. I thought she's going to play a typicall pretty girl showing her assets but it's a very classy role and she literally steels every scene she's in. Will did a great job. He's not fooling around, he's not a superhero, it's a mature role and that's how I like it. They didn't try to make him look like he's 25 again, they rather embraced his age and let him shine. And yes he looks almighty fine in this movie . It's hard to compare this role to his other work beacuse he has never played a character like this. And no, it's not like Hitch. Let's all just forget After Earth- it was a passion project that didn't work - that's it. I'm tired of people constantly bringing this subject back in every review. The story has few suprising twists. The moment you think you figured where this is going it sudently goes in an opposite direction, you just have to let it take you there. It's "R" rating in the US is due to the few "f***s" here and there and blood - one of the main "Oh ****, what has just happened" moments in the film. There are some love scenes but rather short and there is no major nudity. It's a classy movie in that sense. Can't wait for the DVD release so I can put this in my Will Smith collection. I highly recomend it. It's not a masterpiece, it won't change you life but it's enetertaining and sometimes that's all you need.
  4. gosia

    Will in Esquire

    his most revealing interview to date WOW http://www.esquire.com/entertainment/interviews/a9938/will-smith-interview-0315/?src=spr_TWITTER&spr_id=1456_143714753
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    Annie remake

    In his latest keep-it-in-the-family move, Will Smith is exploring with Sony the potential for a remake of the musical "Annie," with daughter Willow as the star, sources say. Smith, who developed "The Karate Kid" starring his son Jaden, would produce through his Overbrook shingle. While details about the "Annie" retooling are still in development stages, rapper Jay-Z, who worked with Willow on her pop hit "Whip My Hair," is in talks to collaborate on the music. Project reps were tight-lipped about whether the pic would be a contemporary version and whether it will include any original songs. Sony's summer hit "Karate Kid" made more than $350 million worldwide and likely helped pave the way for exploring new ground with the "Annie" redo. http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118030526
  6. gosia

    Suicide Squad

    I have no clue what suicide squad is but i'm excited, deadshot's outfit looks intresting on top and bottom... can't wait to see Will in it
  7. gosia


    Princess Willow in Wonderland magazine http://www.wonderlandmagazine.com/2014/11/teen-dream-willow-smith/
  8. gosia


    Will being Will http://www.holycitysinner.com/2014/04/12/will-smith-spotted-in-charleston/
  9. great questions and even better answers http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/223p5r/hi_im_karyn_parsons_actress_author_you_might_know/
  10. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/interviews/a553016/what-happened-to-geoffrey-from-the-fresh-prince-of-bel-air.html
  11. looks like it' s moving forward http://www.caracol.com.co/noticias/entretenimiento/will-smith-esta-en-santa-marta-y-cartagena-buscando-locaciones-para-filme/20140209/nota/2075353.aspx
  12. Akiva Goldsman completes his 'Winter's Tale' quest Crowe plays an underworld gang leader, and Smith has a cameo best left to the imagination. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-sneaks-winters-tale-20140112,0,5858948.story#ixzz2q161gfeA
  13. Looks like it's finally happening! TORONTO - Ex-marine John Keller says he wasn't trying to be a hero when he used a kayak, a hotwired boat and an air mattress — along with his smarts and brawn — to fend off thugs and save more than 200 people in his New Orleans apartment building during Hurricane Katrina. "I really didn't think about what I was doing, I was just doing it," the six-foot-seven, 260-pound New Orleans native said in a recent telephone interview. "I didn't really think about it until I read the paper and it listed blow by blow what I did. I was like, 'Damn, I didn't really think I was doing all this.'" Keller's Herculean story is one of two in the first episode of Proper Television's new series "Hardcore Heroes," which premieres Monday at 8 p.m. ET on History. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Overbrook Entertainment have also obtained the rights to his story for a film that's set to star Will Smith. Producer Adetoro Makinde co-wrote the movie, which is titled "American Can" and is due to start production next year. "I think the most beautiful thing about it is, if Will Smith plays me in one weekend in front of 19 million people around the world, people will know what happened in New Orleans and it will definitely shine a big, bright light on the Hurricane Katrina event," said Keller. "It'll reach the masses with Will Smith, that's for sure." As "Hardcore Heroes" shows, the former Reconnaissance Marine was living in American Can Apartments when Katrina hit on Aug. 29, 2005. The 45-year-old had ignored evacuation orders because he'd never fled from a hurricane before and figured the building would be fine. "Plus I'm a carpenter, so I had my chainsaws and all that stuff," said Keller. "So when the storm hits you go out and you clear off the debris off people's houses and you make some money in the process." But when the levees broke, about three metres of water surrounded the building and residents couldn't get out. Keller sprung into action when looters kicked in his door. After taking down the thugs on his own, he paddled a neighbour's kayak through treacherous waters for several hours to try to find loved ones. He then returned to the building and took down more gun-toting thugs, swam to get food, supplies and medicine for neighbours, and convinced a military evacuation chief to help some residents. He also put ailing neighbours on an air mattress and swam them to an evacuation zone, carried those in wheelchairs to rescue choppers on the roof, and hotwired a boat to get other residents to a rescue embankment. "An old man told me, 'Young blood, you could've died doing all that stuff,'" he said. "I said, 'Well I never thought about that.'" Keller thinks his efforts — which unfolded over several days — pale in comparison to what many members of the military go through in war zones. "Compared to the Desert Storm/Desert Shield events, that was nothing," he said. "Like, I didn't have 400 people shooting AK-47s at me, I didn't have road-side bombs, I didn't have insurgents." Still, he concedes he was a natural-born leader. "Like they say, if you don't bite when you're a puppy, you won't bite when you're a dog," he said. "I went to boarding school because I didn't listen to my mom. "I always did my own thing, I guess." Keller still lives in the same building, but Katrina taught him to evacuate any hurricane over a Category 2. He hasn't seen the episode of "Hardcore Heroes" on him yet, but he figures he'll probably "be crying like a baby" when he does and hears the praise his neighbours have for him. "It's like they hold John Keller in a higher regard than I hold myself," he said. As for the upcoming movie on his story, Keller said he's met Smith several times now. He's hoping the movie will tell a bigger story than just his. "Adetoro, when she first acquired my life rights, she said, 'When I tell this story, what do you want me to do, what do you want me to say, what do you want this do to?' "I said, 'I want you to tell the world how America treated its citizens on that day in New Orleans,' and in her script she did that."
  14. gosia

    James Avery died

    Lol at Janet Hubert going crazy on her FB about the media attention. I guess answering the phone and saying no comment is harder then I thought...
  15. gosia

    James Avery died

    Oh man I was not expecting news like this on the first day of 2014. May he rest in peace.
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    ok so appearantly they are in Dubai and according to Jeff's twitter he's also there so...
  17. gosia

    Magic trick with Will, Jada and Kanye West

    that's not magic that's CRAZY