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    yes, the world is going crazy. Friends of friends have died, a friend of mine doesn't know nothin about her cousin(he was in one of the trains and his girlfriend is in a hospital). Now everybody is confused, people is starting to talk about al qaeda, coz it seems police have found some tapes in coran, and because today is 11. what a sad day guys, i feel so mad bacause there's nothing i can do. just have fear :tear: poor people...as the hours go by more and more dead people and u find out that a friend of a friend who was going to his class like everyday now it's dead... :tear: ***PEACE***i don't understand it. WE NEED A WORLD FULL OF LOVE & PEACE NOT A WORLD OF WAR.i hope this is the last time it happens in the whole world.
  2. Sandy

    GREAT IDEA for this forum

    this is a great idea!!! We can know one each other a lot more. I'd try to help in everythin I can :peace:
  3. Sandy

    Lets do it again...

    -Sandra -Spanish -studying 2nd year of Pshycology at university -more about me: I love r&b, hip-hop..and i'm tired of not hear alot of that in my country. oh I think I've never told you guys that i have a dog called Boomer( like the dog in ID4!! :rolleyes: )... I learn a lot of new english words and a lot of music from you, thanks!! As willreing I'm a fan of Will because first of all I love the way he is like person, so different from most of hollywood stars...then I like him 'coz he's very talented in everything he does.
  4. Sandy

    Favourite Will Smith movies

    here are mine: -Bad Boys -Bad Boys 2 -MIB -MIIB -Enemy of the state - Ali (his acting was great, he really deserved to win the oscar more than Denzel 4 training day)
  5. Sandy

    New Forums

    oh I miss the old board :sadwavey: !!!this is nice and I'm ok with the colours but I'm gonna miss the other one. And I'm gonna have problems toknow who is who if people change their nicks :rolleyes: Anyway, good job Tim!!