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  1. NATASHA BEDINGFIELD - I Bruise Easily Unwritten (2005) I love her first album so much. I haven't listned to it in ages.
  2. I previewed it the day it dropped. It's okay. I'll buy it, but I don't expect it to be something that will get constant play. His music just doesn't stick with me like it used to. His talent has never faded, I'm just not feeling his production and songs like I did 10 years ago. He needs to stop using the Carnival title. Sequel albums never live up to their title, especially if they don't capture the essence of the original project.
  3. Another thing he shared about song writing is that he has a term called "generally specific." He advises against writing songs that are so overly specific to yourself that you risk your fan base responding with "who cares?" He suggests that you represent yourself completely in your lyrics, but that you are selective about the details of the song because you want the listener to hear the song and to be able to relate and make it their own.
  4. Another part I think that's worth sharing is sharing how Carvin started as a songwriter. He came to Jeff as a rapper, but other than writing his own rhymes, he had never written an R&B song. He said that what he would do was take multiple hit songs and look at their structure and compare them to each other. He would take what he took away from the comparisons and add his own touch to it to write songs. He said how he's not a singer and can't play instruments, but that he can hear the music and talk to a musician about what he wants to hear and how he communicates tha
  5. Toni Braxton has a new album on the way called Sex & Cigarettes. Check out the new single, "Deadwood." I don't know you guys feels, but I LOVE THIS SONG.
  6. I forgot to tell two stories from today. Carvin talked about how he entered the studio life deaf, dumb, and blind, teaching himself everything that Jeff didn't train them for. During the mixing of Musiq's album, he said he just looked over the shoulder of the engineer and that he'd occasionally ask a question. The engineer kept taking cigarette breaks. He would fiddle with the board while the engineer was on his smoke break. By the fifth smoke break, he told the engineer "I got this...you can clean up anything I mess up. One thing that's really interesting about their hit "
  7. I will place an order for a hoodie tomorrow. Is it okay if I place it late in the day, though? When you say the shirts are fitted, are they actually tight? I'm on the fence about the shirt.
  8. GLENN LEWIS - Don't You Forget It World Outside My Window (2002)
  9. For those that need a brief refresher, let's take it back to the mid-90's. When JJ+FP went on a hiatus after Code Red, Jeff used the money he was making from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and his other endeavors to build his existing production company, A Touch of Jazz. Around 1996, Jeff put together an incredible team of producers that took A Touch of Jazz to a new level. They were unknowns, inexperienced in the industry, but learning quickly and shaping the face of modern R&B/Soul. Next thing you know, they are producing for the Hip-Hop and R&B's finest, both for the mainstream and ind
  10. I'm unaware of a Rave Mix. In all my years of searching, I've never found seen it. That's a pretty bland remix name. Was "rave" even a mainstream term in the late 80's?
  11. I definitely encourage everyone to watch this interview, if you have the time. Of course it touches on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but the real heart of it is her discussing race, relationships, and more. DJ Vlad is not a great interviewer, but he asks a lot of questions that people want to hear answers to.
  12. Karyn Parsons recently did an extended interview with DJ Vlad that many of you will probably enjoy.
  13. BRIAMARIE - Bad Habit 432 (2017) The latest single from BriaMarie, produced by A Touch of Jazz alumni, Carvin & Ivan. That's Carvin playing the old school guy in the very beginning. :D
  14. I've never heard of it or came across it when I was heavily collecting.
  15. My assumption is that it's not remastered. It seems like that would have been mentioned on the packaging. At this point, we should be happy that it's not just a typical compilation. There are fans out there who have struggled to get all of the albums. Now they can get them all at once. I imagine a lot of people will get them out of curiosity, assuming they hit stores.
  16. For anyone who loves these songs (I'm pretty sure Tim is loving them), you can get them here, on the group's Bandcamp. Moonchild - The Truth (DJ Jazzy Jeff & James Poyser Remix) https://thisismoonchild.bandcamp.com/album/the-truth-dj-jazzy-jeff-james-poyser-remix Moonchild - Be Free (DJ Jazzy Jeff & James Poyser Remix) https://thisismoonchild.bandcamp.com/track/be-free-dj-jazzy-jeff-and-james-poyser-remix
  17. I don't know if these songs were a part of the handful of ones I forgot DJ Jazzy Jeff worked on, or if I just discovered them, but I recently got a promo CD single for a song by Moonchild called "The Truth," which has a DJ Jazzy Jeff & James Poyser Remix. I'm loving it (as well as the B-Side "Nobody"). Needless to say, I'll be checking out more of their stuff. Here's the remix...plus another remix they did for Moonchild. Neo-soul and jazz fans will LOVE this...
  18. Yes, Shock-G is the highlight of Thug Angel. I love that he always does his part to share the real 2Pac with the world. So many naive people think he's this angry gangsta rapper on Deathrow. He has some hard, relentless songs, but they don't compare to what his music as ultimately about.
  19. MUSIQ SOULCHILD - Newness juslisen (2002) Man, this takes me back to the the Summer and Autumn of 2002.
  20. Good. I'm looking forward to it. I know it got mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. Hopefully the sequel will take it from good to great.
  21. I think everything I think has already been shared. I love the subject matter of the song. I think hyped EDU music takes away from the lyrics and feeling of any song though. It distracts from the actual intention of the song. I agree that a studio version that is properly mixed will do the song proper justice. I prefer classic Hip-Hop from Will, but I still enjoy this kind of thing. I just want to have enough of his classic sound with the new music to appreciate what he did with this track. Jazzy's scratching is one of the highlights to me, and not just because I'm a fan. It takes the track a
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