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  1. The new one cracked me up. I'd like the show to stay as it is, but I'd love for them to do staged skits like this once in awhile.
  2. That meme is hilarious. LOL I'm not interested in hearing a remake of "Nightmare On My Street," but I'd love to hear a modern day remix by Jazzy, or at least having him oversee. Of course, seeing the music video after all of these years would be epic.
  3. I saw this article the other day. I'm not really sure what to think about it. If it were well done, I'd be really interested in it. I just can't imagine how they action scenes could compare on a TV budget. I also can't imagine how her character can take center stage. Her character and her occupation could set the base of something good, but they'd have to create an entire world that compliments everything from Bad Boys. I was curious if her and Mike would be together in the third one. If so, Mike would have to be around from time to time, and only Will can play that role. Certainly Marcus wou
  4. I'm pretty much agree with everything Jim said. I like the song for what it is. I'll play it from time to time. It's just not my preference of what I want to hear from him. The songs we've heard from recent years are good songs. He always brings great energy and the lyrics are fitting for what those songs were, but I'll be waiting for a Hip-Hop song. There's no reason to expect it to be a hit unless Will fronts the money to make it one. When I was talking to Carvin Haggins, he said how the days of people requesting songs on the radio is long gone. It's basically like paying for a com
  5. This is all waaaaaaaay off topic. FP dropped a solo single. This is a good thing. I suppose the question is what he's trying to achieve with it. Is he just putting it out into the world and that's it? It he actually trying to get a buzz with it to lead into an album? If so, where is the music video? Where are the TV performances? The Code Red sequel talk is tired. It's a dope album, but doesn't deserve a sequel...especially as a solo project. Code Red is a fan favorite, but commercially it didn't do that well. People outside of the JJ+FP fan base don't recall that album because it d
  6. Thanks for sharing this. I didn't know he had a new song. I don't like the song that much though. His vocals are good, but the beat is trash, the rapper adds nothing to the song, and the auto tune is unnecessary. FERGIE - Lifes Goes On Double Dutchess (2016/2017)
  7. I don't feel like I've seen this interview posted before, so here it is... http://www.phillyvoice.com/interview-hard-touring-hip-hop-pioneer-dj-jazzy-jeff/ July 13, 2016 Interview with hard-touring hip-hop pioneer DJ Jazzy Jeff By Patrick Rapa PhillyVoice Contributor DJ Jazzy Jeff is busier than ever, and he’s probably not surprised that you’re surprised to hear that. The West Philly-born DJ who, along with Will Smith (then the Fresh Prince), won the first-ever hip-hop Grammy in 1989, plays a lot of gigs overseas these days, mostly in Europe and Asia, wher
  8. It's kind of frightening that their may not be any classic Hip-Hop songs in is recent arsenal. Classic Hip-Hop isn't marketable at all. These songs make it look like he's trying to stay relevant to a radio crowd. I don't think that's a wise move. Even the non-Hip-Hop fans want to hear him on Hip-Hop tracks. Nobody is saying "Yes, Will Smith finally did an EDM inspired track." I support experimenting, but the though of abandonment scares me.
  9. I'm familiar with the story of how Will took "Men In Black " to them. It was funny that they then had to work with Columbia to put "Men In Black" and "Just Cruisin'" on JJ+FP's "Greatest Hits" album. Those singles helped bring the package together (along with Yo! Home To Bel-Air, Lovely Daze, and the Megamix). It makes you wonder what Big Willie Style would have looked like on Jive. Jive had only started dabbling in pop music, so they were still primarily a Hip-Hop and R&B label. Would we have gotten "Big Willie Style" or would we have gotten a JJ+FP album?
  10. I get the impression that if he released a single, he has an album well into formation. I actually rather have this track just being a bonus track to an all Hip-Hop album.
  11. I love this interview. The cool thing about Jeff's interviews is that there always seems to be at least one thing we've never heard before. "Live At Union Square" has been talked about before, but it was good to hear him talk about it, rather than read about it. Hearing him talk about DJ's parties at Philly was kind of funny. I never thought about how the music impacts the behavior of the party. It's interesting that Jeff is the one who prompted FP to mellow out his delivery on "Summertime," which went on to impact many of his songs since then. Their exit from Jive is really interesting
  12. I tried to post about this yesterday but the board was temporarily down at the time. I was scrolling social media yesterday morning and was surprised to see it released. It wasn't even mentioned in the Amazon music/digital download newsletter I got. I quickly bought it. I do like hearing the studio version because I can hear all of the lyrics clearly. I've only listened to it on my computer though, so I can't wait to pump it on my car stereo. For not having a proper photo shoot for it, the cover is simple, but kinda cool. Like everyone else, I love the lyrics and subject matter, but wou
  13. It's not listing me as a supporter, but I signed it a few hours ago. I'm not sure what's going on with it because to the right of my screen it's acknowledging that I did sign it.
  14. DEMI LOVATO - Daddy Issues Tell Me You Love Me (2017) This song kinda cracks me up. lol
  15. I'll go back and listen to it and make a thread about it in the near future. It was basically issued to radio stations; probably not the biggest ones. It basically had Will talking in between songs that were playing. We've heard everything his said in interviews before. I'll look into a way of sharing it, but I don't think my old, slow computer will do well with three 20-ish minute tracks.
  16. Apparently JJ+FP were at Fashion Week In Paris. Jeff posted pictures on Facebook. I tried to add them, but for some reason the forum is giving me an MB limit.
  17. I celebrated his birthday by listening to an hour long radio "show" that he recorded back during Willennium. I just has little blips of him talking in between some of his BWS and Williennium singles and album cuts, along with song by The Fugees and Prince. He was only printed as a whitelable CD for various radio stations to use.
  18. Man, it's crazy to think this song is nearly 30 years old. This remix is incredible.
  19. Musiq Soulchild just released a new double album! I'm not going to say much, only that it's an excellent album and that I haven't clung to one of his album like this since the first four. The others just didn't keep my attention that well. Great soul music and lots of feel good vibes.
  20. A few years ago I started listening to the group AUTOmatic. If you love real Hip-Hop music and haven't checked them out, I strongly urge you to. Anyway, the producer of that group just put out an hour long beat tape. I'm not going to try to put it into words. I'm just going to say that it's dope. You can listen to it at the link below. If you like what you hear, I know you will, you actually name the price you pay for it. https://automatic.bandcamp.com/album/trellmatic-fruischine
  21. It's be great if all of the albums got a remastered and expanded treatment. I kind of doubt a lot of people know about this though. We'll need to get it some sales in hopes of that happening.
  22. I recently got it and have been listening to it a lot. The sound is definitely great. Some songs grab my ear more than others, appreciating the remaster. I like that the album was remastered in one of the studios they recorded it in. In terms of the music, I just wish they didn't put the alternate versions of "Girls..." Yeah, it was remixed and re-recorded the same hear, but there is a Danny D remix (and extended and radio version) of "Parents..." that would have been a better fit. It would have also been nice if they released an instrumental version of all of the songs. There is a rare 1988
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