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  1. Man, maybe I need to see it again. I thought it was alright.  Just alright.  It didn't feel like a Bad Boys movie to me.   I thought some of the dialogue and comedy was weak and forced. The beginning of it felt very rushed.  Dipping into the super natural was just weird. Poorly singing "Bad Boys" is only funny for so long. I don't see a lot of Michael Bay films, but I feel that the Bad Boys movies were where he excelled and I miss his directing style and use of color lighting. I really hate that one bold decision they made.  Since I no longer have expectations for it, maybe I'll enjoy it more if I see it again...but I don't really have a desire to see it in theaters again.  

  2. I was just introduced to this song. I'm pretty sure I never heard it before as a kid.  I'm a big fan of Freestyle music and always want to explore, but never seem to have the time. This just dropped in my lap. Strangely, this particular song isn't sung by the actual artist (though he did perform it live). It's actually sung by Elan Lanier. 

    NOLAN THOMAS - Yo, Little Brother

    Yo, Little Brother (1984)



    What's up, friends.   Tim has been kind enough to keep this forum active in a time when message boards just aren't that popular anymore. Adult life can suck and take up some time, but I'm wondering if some of us could make it a point to use the forum more frequently.  As we closed out another year, I was thinking about times happier and more carefree. Those times involved good music, good people, and socializing here (and elsewhere on the internet).  I'm wondering who else might commit to checking the forum and posting more frequently. It's almost a slap in the face for Tim to keep the forum up and us not use it.