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  1. 15 Times Geoffrey From "The Fresh Prince" Was Savage AF https://www.buzzfeed.com/ehisosifo1/geoffrey-the-fresh-prince-clapback-insults-funny?utm_term=.dr1Wv17Y5z#.dr1Wv17Y5z
  2. https://youtu.be/8cKsGSO5AVc
  3. fan 4ever

    The Next Will Smith ‘Golden Era’?

    It needs an album or a real hip hop track. I'm cool with him doing instagram and movies, but I'm waiting for a new music project. Just drop a couple of tracks!
  4. https://movieweb.com/nightmare-on-my-street-fresh-prince-music-video-photos/
  5. Wow!! Love this video! So dope! Major thanks for uploading it!
  6. According to the website iTunesCharts.net the song has the following chart positions in iTunes: USA - #21 Spain - #7 Canada - #91
  7. 14 million views so far...
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoaWH5chltI/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1hjjd16mcrxoe Will and Jaden in New York!
  9. So, Eminem just dropped a surprise album called "Kamikaze". I have been listening to it and I must say I like it. This is what Will should do, just drop an album out of nowhere and see what happens!
  10. Thanx for posting that video. Looked like they had a great time. The song is growing on me. I like the vibe of the song and the chorus is catchy.
  11. From the official Marc Anthony website. MARC ANTHONY, WILL SMITH AND BAD BUNNY TEAM UP FOR “ESTÁ RICO” THE SIZZLING NEW SINGLE IS SET FOR RELEASE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH ON ALL DIGITAL MUSIC PLATFORMS CHECK OUT THE MUSIC VIDEO ON MARC ANTHONY’S YouTube CHANNEL Miami, FL – September 26, 2018 – Google Marc Anthony and Will Smith together and you’ll get endless YouTube views of the video where Marc shows Will how to dance salsa. The two have been friends and having fun for years, racking up millions of impressions on social media as the cameras of the world follow them around. Now, they team up with Puerto Rican Latin-trap sensation Bad Bunny, for a single and music video that will have everyone talking. On Friday, September 28th, when the single and video drop, the 150,000,000 plus combined followers of these three stars and music lovers everywhere will have the opportunity to have an intimate look at their collaboration. “Está Rico” started as one of those exchanges among friends: Marc sent the track to Will, and Will loved it. With this release, one of Smith’s bucket list aspirations comes to fruition this Friday. “Will and I have always wanted to work on a musical collaboration,” says Marc. “This song seems perfect for this moment we’re both experiencing creatively. Working with Bad Bunny for the first time has been a great surprise. We all had a magnificent chemistry, and that energy is palpable in both the music and the video.” The video, directed by Carlos Perez for Elastic People, includes special appearances of the Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls and the well-known actor Luis Guzman is set to premiere on Marc Anthony’s YouTube channel. “ESTA RICO” is released by a joint venture of Magnus Music, Westbrook Records, and Sony Music Entertainment.
  12. Full song and video just dropped! Check it out here.
  13. Looking forward to it. Hope his verse will be in English.
  14. fan 4ever

    Fresh Rhymes From Will

    True... He should have at least dropped a full song or something.
  15. Great video! Loved watching it!
  16. https://movieweb.com/gemini-man-movie-poster-will-smith/ First teaser poster has been released!
  17. fan 4ever

    Fresh Rhymes From Will

    Great snippet! Love the rhymes!
  18. There’s more on his instagram.
  19. So Jaden is touring with J Cole on his KOD Tour. In Miami Jaden en Will did the Icon Remix together. Here’s a short clip. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xjt8gH2DgDM
  20. fan 4ever

    Will Smith Announces New Book

    That would be great but I doubt that it will be that kind of book. I’m guessing it will be some inspirational type of book. If you go to willsmith.com you can sign up to get an alert when the book is released.
  21. fan 4ever

    Fresh Prince Pop Vinyls (Funko)

    That is dope! Any word on the release date?
  22. I know! It's a great year for Hip Hop. Nas, Pusha T, Kanye, Kid Cudi, J. Cole and know that Jay-z & Beyonce album. Let's hope Will drops an album soon!
  23. I ripped the song from his new vlog. https://we.tl/vE4lXCPaVs
  24. I like it.. great verse from Will. I love hearing him on these more modern Hip Hop beats.