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Can Doritos do no wrong?

Hymn Strings

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I'm not usually a big chip eater...but Doritos has been coming out with bomb ass flavors lately. The new Jalepeno Cheddar and Buffalo Spicy Ranch are very good. The most suprising was the Sweet Chile flavor, it's my new favorite. It reminds me of an oriental spice to it. Too bad it's only for a limited time. And when I want somethin really spicy, I turn to the Habanero ones. Man, I sound like I work for them or something, but I'm really impressed by these new flavors. What do y'all think?

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I particularly remember the "Flamin' Hot" Doritos. We was in 3rd grade or so makin' bets on who could eat a whole mini bag w/o a drink. Believe it or not, some flavors jus ain't meant to be. Like Coca-Cola w/ Coffee. I drink Coke but no Coffee and tried it anyway. Yuck! I guess these big companies taste flavors over in other countries. Coca-Cola has like hundreds different flavor products. I forget the exact number, cuz I included it in my Sales report I did in high school.

So, yes Doritos can do wrong. Anybody can really.

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