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Rep Yo Set (gangsta rap collaboration)


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This is a new double album/DVD comprised of L.A. area bloods and crips rappin (supposedly, see Afrika Bambatta) in the same style as the 90's "Bloods & Crips" albums. The producers went into the gang neighborhoods and auditioned almost 1000 gang members to get the best on the album, like an "American Idol" for gangsta rap. The experience was positive and peaceful, with gangstas putting aside their differences to rock the mic.

As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the best "gangsta rap" albums ever, mainly because it is not typical of "gangsta rap" that is out today: there is very little singing/R&B in the songs, there are no "gangsta luv" songs, and there are no slow and boring "smoke a joint" songs. All of the 28 tracks are hard-hitting and not one of them is weak. This makes the songs on the album musically and lyrically repetitive, however, which some people will not like. And the MC's aren't as diverse as on the 90's "B&C" albums, so they sound similar to each other at times. So it's not a standout creatively, but if you like the general west-coast sound, it's a great album.


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