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Miami Heat Rally (Miami Parody)

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Summertime and I have re-written Will Smith "Miami" to coincide with the Miami Heat. As you may have seen in the NBA forum. Just though I'd post it here as well :2thumbs: I think we should give major props to Summertime, one because it was her initial idea, and two, most importantly, this was her first real time at writing and she did a great job :2thumbs:

Big Willie & Summertime - "Miami Heat Rally"

Here I am in the place where the finals show

Miami set pace and the Mav’s look slow

Everyday playing basketball, they be hoop jamming all day

No work all play, okay

So we slip a little Maverick, sent the team to hell

Shaq & Wade on the court shooting up a high bill

Nothin less than ill, alley oops that kill

Everytime the Heat score, we be like (Mad Skill)

Can y'all feel me, Slam Dunks in ya faces

Wade setting paces

Turn heat into blazes, Anderson, Halsem, Barron and Payton

Shaq, Wade, Alonzo and Jason

I only came for two days of playing

As NBA Champs they will wind up stayin'

This the type of town I could make a few plays in

Miami the team that keeps the hoops blazin


Party in the city when the heat are on

All night, shooting 3’s till the break of dawn

Welcome to Miami

Bienvenidos a Miami

Bouncin in the club when the heat are on

All night, playing D till the break of dawn

I'm goin to Miami

Welcome to Miami

Yo I heard that D. Wade ain’t no one to mess with

You can’t chase him down you will slip, it's a trip

Shaq drives the lane, fully equipped

And Dirk will be screamin out, (That call was bulls**t)

So I'm thinkin Dwyane’ll make a few bank shots

They will bounce off the screen from his sweet spot

Hottest team in the city, and it's right on the beach

Temperature melting ya, Heat acceptance speech

Five-hundred degrees

Keep sinking the 3’s, with the hot mommies

Screamin (Shaq Daddy)

Everytime I come to town, Pat be spottin me

When I drive down the lane, ain't no stoppin me

So, cash in your dough

We flow to this finals show

Final round anywhere you go

Yo, ain't no team in the world like this

An if you ask how I know they’ll win the championship


Don't get me wrong, Detroit had it goin on

An New York is the city that we know can’t play

An we all know that S.A. and Philly stay jiggy

But on the sneak, Miami bringin Heat for real

Y'all don't understand

I never seen so many White Hot fans in the stands

Riley, this is the plan

Take a walk on the court, send the Mavs to the can

Gimmie your hand

Wade shot perfectly

Heat making it hot, in the West Keys

Ride the best D, downing all the long threes

Cause you gotta have Heat for the celebration piece on southbeach

Score so clear, you can see the raise to stardom

Hundred-thousand dollar rings, every player got em

Ain't no surprise that the Heat are gonna take the throne

Miami, lets bring it home

[Chorus x2]

What do ya think?

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