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Trey - "M.C.’s Place"


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Trey - "M.C.’s Place"

Lets start wit all of y’all screamin’

For us M.C.s, we gotta keep dreamin’

When we enter people be like “Damn!”

When we do our thing, we’re like WHAM

Tetion is flowing through the place

Too many M.C.s, not enough space

Workin’ our way to the dance floor

The way we rock’ll make ya ears sore

Homeboy gotta blast the speakers

Dance like MJ, wit some Nike sneakers

This is our place, don’t enter

M.C.’s spot, down in the center

Screwed up clubs need one us to get started

Be like Moses make all the clubs be parted

We rock like dis, and you gotta follow

Dis music’ll wake ya up, like Sleepy Hollow


This is our place to chill and write

No telling how long we’ll work in a night

We’ll always keep bringing mo tracks

Working for y’all, not for them placks

People wanna collab wit us, it gets tough

No thugs alowed, they just talk crap stuff

The rhymes I’ve seen spat, it’s devistaion

All these new rappers need better motivation

Club bangin’ all over the place, not like me

Preformers never preformed like dis M.C.

I’ll bring the house down, move ya head

Get out of our hood! Did ya hear what I said?

I could hold 4 mics, like General Grievous

Saw a lady in this place, lookin’ real devious

Act like that in this place, man you screwed

Rap like that in this place, you gonna get suewed

A place where we can chill, and blast real music

Like a addicting medicine, man you cannot refuse it

We ain’t into snap music over here, we into good beats

Got respect from y’all, now I need it from the streets


To be in this place, ya gotta finish yo construction

Get dope beats, and lyrics plus get out of production

Be in it for hip hop, and not just for all the cash

Have good messages, not like the thug’s trash

There’s so many M.C.s in here, it’s insane

There it go, a very dope song, down the drain

Will Smith gonna get jiggy, and Miami gonna bring da Heat

Us M.C.s gonna create a beat, that’ll make ya dance wit ya feet

No just using your arms and stuff, we need the old skool dancin’

This is our place, we always gonna keep inhancin’

LL tryin’ to control himself, Ice Cube gonna tell ya why he thugs

Them gangster rappers, in their songs we’ve found so many bugs

Jazzy Jeff keep scratching the discs, Michael Jackson doin’ his thing

We M.C.s know how to wear clothes, not just all that bling

Snoop gonna keep twistin’ yo mind, Kanye gonna “touch the sky”

I’ma keep the old skool from disapearing, until the day that I die


© Copyright 2006

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