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"Ma Friends" - By Me


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"Ma friends"

Dis a lil song for all the buddies, my friends//

A special record, for special people, not crazy fans//

Dis aint Brotha Luigie, neither Da Homeboyz//

Just the citizen Luis, writin for all his girls n boyz//

When im bad, they help me stand up//

When im alright, they celebrate wit a "Word Up"//

Wat else I could expect, we have mutual respect//

And dats the only thing dat matters, am I correct?//

Any work I do they're honest, and I feel glad//

Constructive crtizin of my actions and raps//

Even we aint livin same place, we got a good connection//

They feel my frustration, help me in bad situations//

Other live close to me, and im happy//

We talk, we walk and rock any party//

Just wanted to let y’all know im thankful//

Witout y'all I couldn’t be successful//


Ma friends...ma biggest treasure//

Ma friends...you heal my pressure//

Ma friends...always here and there//

Ma friends...wit me always bein fair//

A big shoutout to my friend Andrea, Yoh!//

Thanks for the support, and the walks, ya know//

Trey and Shane, we together Da Homeboyz//

My potnas, surely one day we'll bring the noise//

Bigmac, Cam-er-on, Cam Da Man//

Keep yo thing, your battle style is like Daaamn!//

Biz Jhonny where you at?, at college I hope//

Ya life had some difficulties, but you thug//

My Amiga Nigga, the girl wit a high ego//

"Everybody needs a Nigga", cierto lo que digo//

My crew from school, are yo still actin fools?//

You cool fo me, but come on, time to follow rules//

All the JJFP fam at the best website//

Thanks to you I know wat is to be worldwide//

Dis was a lil honorin track for y'all//

Ma friends, by my side I will never-ever fall//

Dis is just a lil' song dat came to my mind, not fo my album, not mixtape.

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Another good rap Luigie. How long does it take you to write a song?

Thanks Swish, well i wrote dis a few minutes before i posted it :wiggle:

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