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Can someone help?

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you looking for audio or video? Is this streaming?

Look for a program called CoCSoft

That works good for streaming video/audio.

Also a thing called Total Recorder records audio from your soundcard, so that's a good one too.

EDIT: never mind that I gave you...that program won't work for some reason....

I got another...I'm gonna rip the stuff off, and post it for you tomorrow (or at least send it to your profile account name)

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I got them all off there...they're about twenty megs or less apiece and are in WMV format.

I'll put them together in a RAR and upload it in a few minutes. I also grabbed the Kanye West performances and the Floetry performances, if you're interested.

And for the record, I got all the music videos, plus the behind the scenes & interview, AND the actual music video of LL & JLO on Control Myself.

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Guest Guest

thanks a lot man!!! greatly appreciated!!! could you put up the behind the scenes and the interview as well..........also what music videos you got?

shut em down <------- ive been looking for this for ages

aint nobody<----------- if you have this one

Phenomenon<---------hope you have this one

ive got all his other music vids if youre interested

once again thanks!!!!!!!

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I've put all the files in one rar package (download winrar to open it) and they are all in there. Six or seven, I think...whatever was on that site.).

I don't have any other videos. If there's a streaming site that has them in a windows media player, than let me know and I'll get it for you.

File will be up in ten minutes.

p.s. check your pm's...I sent you something 45 minutes ago about this.

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