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Flordia Gators Win !


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Flordia beat UCLA to win the National Championship. I watched some of the game and Flordia dominated the whole time. I didn't really follow college hoops though. Anyone else see the game?

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yes i did! Florida did dominate, they had something like 15 dunks. UCLA is killin me man, i lost 5 dollars to them. first i bet against them on saturday and lost, then i bet for them last night and lost. i was rooting for UCLA, but Florida definitely proved to be a stronger team. all 5 players were strong for Florida and they played with intensity that couldn't be match by UCLA. they deserved the title

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I watched that game last night I'm surprised Florida won so easily

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Amazon.com Jumps Gun on NCAA Winner Tue Apr 4, 11:58 AM ET

SEATTLE - College basketball fans may have been surprised to turn on their computers Monday morning and find an e-mail from Amazon.com Inc. proclaiming, "UCLA Wins."


The online retailer mistakenly sent the e-mail to customers ahead of the NCAA championship game Monday night between the Florida Gators and the UCLA Bruins.

The body of the e-mail included the message "Congratulations (placeholder for winning team)," and went on to offer customers the chance to purchase an NCAA cap and other goods.

"I don't know if we had some Bruins who were wishful thinking," Amazon.com spokeswoman Patty Smith said, adding, "Clearly, it was a mistake."

Florida won the championship game.

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