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This looks great. Really looking forward to seeing this. I do wish they had cast Tom Welling as Superman though. He's done an excellent job with Smallville and he really has that Clark Kent/Superman air about him.

yeah welling is good no question, but he didnt want the role, said he never wants to don the suit,also its confusing because if they used him (or dean cain suggested above) it brings in the question of whether it follows on directly from the tv series, and smallville the movie isnt really possible cause while its a great tv show, both lois and lex know clark as a teenager WITHOUT his nerdy spectacled persona.

routh looks good though i think

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I think he looks like a pretty boy is 2 young 4 the part. That's my main thing. I think Superman should have qualities that the oppisite sex would respond 2...but not be a pretty boy. I also think that Superman should be a lil' more thicker. Routh has muscles...but doesn't look like it would be 2 hard 2 break him in half...ha ha.

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I think the balance is right, it would be ridiculous to have clark kent have huge muscles

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