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Will Smith shares his views on AXN's 'The Man's World'

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MUMBAI: The next episode of action oriented AXN's show The Man's World which airs tomorrow 8 March at 10:30 pm will feature actor and singer Will Smith.

For the uninitiated The Man's World has two hosts Ash and Vrajesh chatting about the things men want to hear i.e. men's issues, dating tactics and the works.

Smith recently visited Mumbai to launch Sony's English movie channel Pix. He enlightens the audiences with his gyaan on women and how to be a real man. Smith interestingly had starred in the movie Hitch in which he played a date doctor.

The Man's World positioned itself as a breath of fresh air in a television world dominated by soap operas.

With the theme of Real Ways to be a Real Man the show captures the trio on a fun, fresh ride filled with sharp dressing, fast talking, insight into delightful women and some interesting past experiences to watch out for!

Smith says, "For me being a real man is having the ability to be strong and powerful, yet at the same time be tender. For me a man like Sharjaah is a real man."

When asked what the secret to his long and happy married life was, Will responded" I have known my wife for 11 years but the secret to the successful relationship is 100 per cent unadulterated honesty."

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thanks for the news sofia!!!!!

ok but Sofia is a city :tantrum: :lolsign:

really?? i always tought it was ur name :paperbag:

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I always thought that fresh_from_sofia was a girl named Sofia too, apperantly I was very wrong.

Since people's names and Genders are being confused, I'd just like to let it be known that my name's Kevin and I'm a dude.lol And I'm also pretty cool too. :1-cool:

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