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Big Will Track most JJFP like

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In my perspective, Pump Ya Brakes is very far from JJFP, even though it actually is JJFP. So Fresh and Holla Back is two very JJFP songs.

Personally I think Pump Ya Brakes is a bit too modern to sound like a JJFP type of track, but the scratching is old school!

Looking For The On sounds more modern I would say. But thats not what I wanna say, I wanna say this. I dont think we should say JJFP is Old Skool, so those Songs are to modern. Caus if they still would be a group that release allot, they wouldnt sound like back then, they woud sound modern too. "Here He Comes" for example is a 100% JJFP Track..

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