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Will to present at upcoming Oscars


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I totally lost any credibility in the oscars, after they didn't gave 1 to will for his role on ALI, that was 1 of the best showcases I've seen, and he truely deserved it.

Now I just see the oscars, as radewart said, buttkissing awards.

well, i wouldn't quite say buttkissing...but ur pretty close on point tho. It just sickens me after his performance and nomination, to not get anything. I was just sooo upset that night, i can remember it like yesterday... I think i was more hurt (feeling sad 4 him) than anything, specially when he had left,...but he turned it around and made positive headlines when Miss Willow got sick...

I dont know who sits on their drunk behinds, tosses a quarter and says heads or tails with who gets the awards, but Will got Jipped out of his...and i dont care who disagrees with me either...



I'm with you 100% cookie, i thought he got jipped! they coulda gave it to Denzel for his role in John Q before they gave it to him for Training Day....i didn't see the big deal about that movie anyway, but i guess it was more his performance?...anyway i agree Will shoulda won, but it'll happen soon enough i suppose

I agree wit that as well Will should have won an Oscar fro his performance in Ali not Denzel. I mean Denzel is a great actor but Training Day was not like his other films like Hurricane or Philadelphia. Hopefully next year he'll win one and if not soon.

Anyways glad 2 see him out and about. I know he's been laying low for sometime now..probably enjoying spending sometime time with his kids and his wifey Jada. Ahh if Will is gonna be at the Oscars Jada is gonna be there. Cant wait 2 see what the cute couple will wear 2 the event.

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