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The most exiting Big Willie year so far!

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Got so much stuf I want to say right now, I don't know where to start!

First thing last tonight I read the topic that a new single was ready to come out in 6 weeks and a new CD this year, I'm happier than ever! Then today I saw the Jay Leno show that my girlfriend's mom recorded for me and Will was hilarius (spelling misstakes I know...)

A couple of hours ago I downloaded a clip called "Will Smith on Japanese talkshow" from DC++, anyone else seen this? I can't stop laughing! HAHA LOL! Will keeps saying something that sounds like if u say "your not scooby?" really really fast. Its some Japanese word but I don't know what it means cuz its japanese subtitles. HAH its funny, but short... wasn't the whole interview or what you should call it...:(

Then I log in here and get the great news that mr smith is coming to Stockholm (the capital of Sweden, where I live). Last year when he was here promoting Men in Black 2 i diddn't have money for the train to Stockholm so I missed it, but this year I'm prepared!!

Im on top of the world right now :) lol
Had some other things I wanted to tell you guys but I forgot them as I wrote this...
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