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Cassidy Found Guilty Of Manslaughter and Assault


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Daily Hip-Hop News:

SOHH Exclusive: Swizz Beatz Says Cassidy Is "Upset" Over Murder Trial

Friday - January 27, 2006 by Dark Kent (w/ additional reporting from Zayda Rivera)

Days after Cassidy was convicted for involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault, SOHH.com spoke exclusively with his producer and close friend Swizz Beatz.

As SOHH reported earlier this week, the Philadelphia MC (born Barry Reese) was sentenced to 11 ½ to 23 months in prison for the murder of Desmond Hawkins and wounding Hawkins' friends Bobby Hoyle and Daniel Irvin. Given that Cassidy was initially facing a murder charge, Swizz said Common Pleas Judge Jane Culter Greenspan's decision was "an excellent choice."

"[Cassidy] is definitely feeling sorry for the family," Swizz told SOHH.com. "And he is definitely upset with himself for even being in that type of situation, especially with somebody that he knew-killing somebody that he knew."

With seven months of his sentence already served, Cassidy could be released as early as May. So, what's the self-proclaimed "Problem" going to do once he is free?

"He wants to bond with his family for a little while, get situated," said the Full Surface label honcho. "He's gone to come up with a game plan. The studio is always there for him. He's definitely fiending to get into the booth."

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