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Hows it goin everyone? I was looking through the US Weekly and I saw 2 articles of Will Smith!!! Surprisingly, these 2 were in the same issue (July 12-19).
So sorry I couldn't post the actual article, it was just too big to upload! Anyways, enjoy! Here is what they had to say:

[u][b]Will Smith's $1.8 million trailer[/b][/u]

No place like home? Not quite. Inside the Fresh Prince's lavish, two-story mobile pad.

When Will Smith arrived in New York City to shoot [i]The Last First Kiss[/i], so did his 75-foot, 200-ton custom-built trailer, which the star affectionally calls "Babygirl". "Will's got the coolest trailer in the movie business," producer John David tells US.

-Smith can watch his five 65-inch plasma-screen satellite TVs (all with DVD players and video games) in privacy. With the flick of a switch, frost covers the glass windows.
-The trailer boasts two bathrooms with showers. Because Smith helped design the 1,100-square-foot digs a year ago, the stalls custom-fit his six-foot-two frame!
-The sofa holds up to 30! Tired of outside noise? No problem- the walls are double-insulated. Guests can even pour drinks at the bar- but Smith keeps it dry.
-It's the priciest trailer ever made! Smith joked with Ben Affleck on the studio lot that Babygirl is bigger than Ben's ride.

[u][b]Will gets naked![/b][/u]

Move over, [b]Colin Farrell[/b]. There's a new man in Hollywood who's strutting his naked body on the big screen- [b]Will Smith[/b]. We hear that Smith has an eye-popping shower scene in his upcoming sci-fi thriller,[i] I, Robot [/i] (opening July 16). A source who has seen the flick tells Hot Stuff that camerawork doesn't leave much to the imagination. "The scene is pure eye candy," says our source. "You look at it and you are like, Oh, My God! You see his tushy, and you're one millimeter away from seeing his you-know-what." Our source gives Smith's performance two thumbs up: "You see the beads of water dripping down his perfect body. He looks perfect."

Hope u guys liked them! Peace!
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