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Will Smith Gets Nick Cannon's Fists Flying

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Yo AJ I could usually agree with you on most things in music but I find kinda ironic that you call Ludacris garbage and Nick Cannon one of the best mcs, I mean come on mostly anybody who listens to hip-hop'd tell you that Ludacris sounds like Rakim compared to Nick Cannon, Nick don't got much flow, he got signed to a record deal 'cause of his TV show most likely, Luda used to do mixtapes and sell albums out of his truck like your boy MC Hammer used to do.... I don't even like Luda like that of course, let's be real if Nick rapped as explicit like Luda you'd call him the wackest too, not all clean rappers got flow like FP :rofl: Nick Cannon should stick to movies 'cause I think that he has clearly more talent there then on the microphone, he's gaining some fans in Hollywood and if he works on it hard like he's been he could get really good at it, it ain't like it was with FP 'cause he hasn't really won over the hip-hop fans yet the way FP did when he came out 20 years ago, I think Kel Spencer is the talented clean rapper that might be able to get some credability in the hip-hop circle 'cause he's much more skilled at mc'ing....

This verse on "#1 Spot" has more affective punchlines than Nick's whole 1st album put together, I haven't heard all of Luda's albums but I bet his worst album is better than that album by Nick:

"I'm never goin nowhere so don't try me

My music sticks in fans veins like an IV

Flows poison like Ivy, oh they grimy

Already offers on my 6th album from labels tryin to sign me

Respected highly, HIIII MR. O'REILLY

Hope all is well, kiss the plantiff and the wifey

Drove through the window, the industry super sized me

Now the girls see me and a river's what they cry me

I'm on the rise, so many people despise me

Got party ammunition for those tryin to surprise me (surprise!)

It's a celebration and everyone should invite me

Roll with the crew or meet the bottom of our Nikes (blaow!)

Explorer like Dora these swipers can't swipe me

My whole aura's so MEAN in my white tee

Nobody light-skinded reppin harder since Ice-T

You disagree, take the Tyson approach and bite me"

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