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"Hamlet Rap"

Let’s go yall, let’s kick the flow

So ya’ll will know a little Hamlet info

Lets start near the beginning when Hamlet got a visit

His friends said it was a ghost and he was like who is it?

The ghost was his father who died not long ago

And at this point gives a lot of meaning to the show

Hamlets father was killed by his uncle who is now the king

Hamlet was bothered by the fact that he married the queen

That point on hamlet began to act kind of mad

And later on Ophelia had gotten kind of sad

To be or not to be Hamlet stated

He had a chance to kill the king but delayed it

Hamlet wanted to send him to hell

but he couldn’t while he prayed oh well

But the king couldn’t pray

It was the perfect time for him to be slayed

Anyway later on Hamlet committed murder

And then sent away a little further

Away from home to be killed and soon he learned

And switch the notes to kill Rosancrance and Guildenstern

Hamlet came back and joked around at a grave

Little did he know that it was Ophelia’s grave

Hamlet had no clue that she had even died

By the looks of her death you could see it’s suicide

To top the story off Hamlet was challenged to a duel

The duel wasn’t fair it was slightly cruel

Hamlets opponent placed poison on the blade tip

And there was poison in a cup ready for him to take a sip

But instead of Hamlet the Queen drank from the poisoned cup

And with the poisoned sword Hamlets arm was cut

Hamlet stabbed his opponent then killed the king

Then waited for himself to die just like the Queen

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