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Ok yall. This is a song that I wrote, I'm proud of, and it pretty much got ignored. It's an A Cappella, but it holds its own as such. I'm just posting this real quick. I'll post the lyrics too, but I think it all syncs together when you know how it flows (meaning, I'd like you to listen to it). It's a fictional story called "Buster".

The song:


The lyrics:

-Now with all that you can muster,

Do you remember last December, you was kissing Buster?

-I shrugged it, said I trust her

5 days later, then I bust her

-She was so shocked she played sleep walk

And charged out like she’s Custer

-Now Buster’s getting flustered

My fists are getting swollen

-I’m already punching holes in

His baby starts to screaming

-Dude calls the cops, but I ain’t fleeing

The cops show up and split us up

-B. fakes it tough

My girl shows up, she says that Buster’s had enough

-She played it rough, but I’m unfair

Must be, I messed up his hair

-I step up close

My head is roasting

-Bout to do some creeper toasting

Buster shouts and now he’s boasting

-Better have that Holy Ghost in

I break the ropes, he starts to choke

-He spins around and hits the ground

One second later cops surround

-Hands are up I’ve had enough

Girl can keep this whiny chump

-The cuffs are on and Buster’s gone

Girl runs and says she knows she’s wrong

-I stare her down

She cowers out

-Walks on home, she starts to pout

But she don’t know, I locked her out

Anyway, I'm comin' full swingin' right now and I've got some ideas in my head. Wheels are turning and this ain't the last you've seen of me.

God Blessa!

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Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I'd like a beat too, I just didn't wanna change the way the song flows. If I ever find/make the right beat I'll be sure to re-record it. I'm working on another song right now that I think'll turn out pretty cool. Thanks for the positive feedback.

God Blessa!

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