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Usher wants to be like Will

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I'm not that big of an Usher fan but it's nice to see him give Will props. Usher can sing and dance but his acting needs a lot of work. He's not very good when it comes to acting. I actually think he's slightly overrated as an entertainer. I don't think he sucks; he's just not the end-all-be-all of entertainers.

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usher is a mad singer and dancer, his acting skills need alot of work though... i dont think there is anyone out there that can even come close to Will, i mean no one, we always talk about black entertainers looking up to Will, but i dont think white ones can either

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Usher as an artist is alright but when it comes to his acting he needs to work on it a bit more. Plus he is an amazing dancer when he is given a routine to do but him by himself doing his own thing.... He always does the same lame moves every time some one asks him to dance. But as i said as a choreographed dancer he is amazing. But in general talent wise he isn't a patch on Will at the moment as Will has had longer to work on his career and put the graft into honing his skills. But that comes with time so as long as Usher sticks to his guns and works on honing his skills then he has the ability to go very far but i would prefer him without the inflated ego.

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Here's an article on MTV that I found, mainly about Usher going into acting, but it mentions how he aspires to be like Will:


Here is the important part of the article:

Ultimately, Usher reveals, he'd like to establish the kind of mainstream music/movie career currently being trailblazed by one of Hollywood's biggest stars. "There's probably only one ... Will Smith," he said, beaming with admiration. "You look at the overall build of his career ... I'd love to have something similar to that, man."

I like how he says, "There's probably only one...Will Smith," and how he wants the same overall build of his career. I don't know if he can do it, but it is nice to see that he recognizes how successful he is, how he is really the only one to be doing what he is doing.

Yes, because that's my man!!! Y'all know, or maybe don't know! :D But I love R&B and I really like Usher, he's my all time favourite, number 1 u know? I got everything by him original, albums and stuff, just like it'll be with Will soon either! Usher is really cool! Unfortunately I don't have enough money 2 buy all the Will albums u know but I'm buyin' them step 4 step, day by day, nahmean??? =)

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