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Last Day- ReMixed Blaze One Wing Productions


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Lemme know if it's Down I'll Re-Up it Wroet in school recorded at my house lol.


Verse1: (Blaze)

so much stuff goin on at the same time

that it all gets cramed up its stuck in my mind

I'm one of a kind, to my last day, I pray

i say, what I want when I want to

I let them know if I want you

I the type of dude to haunt chu, if haunt me

cuse I'm seein you in my dreams

the devil on my shoulders, god in front of me

its strange because I'm seein him makin fun of me

becoming what he, wanted me, what he wanted me just to be

I'm stuck styll rhymin foh free, on used beats

but I'm learning to take a new path

go half and half, hit up at the calves

so people say that I'm good, some say that I suck

but the only reason we fall is to learn to get up

I got my feet benethe me ready to take a leap

i wright average 3-4 times a week

maby more, i record, so many times

but its different when you see so many die,

some cry, some try just to make it by

suicude, regular life, just passin on by

your moms an pops die befor you get old enough

to go out on ya own, when its cold an stuff

ya holdin stuff so close to ya heart

that nobody in this world will ever tare you appart

its a start to a new finish, life is hard an I feel like quitten

Rep X2

Untill my last day. I will keep my faith

untill my last day. I will always pray.

foh the way I play,this messed up game

I'm still the same, Untill my last day....

Verse 2:(Blaze)

I been throught, so many struggles

but sometimes you don't make it up out the hustle

people crush you, an they touch you, like you worth so much do.

I been sinnin off an on for a few days

take my anger an rage an wright it on the page

think itz a faze, but it plays an plays

untill my last day, I will keep doin it

keep the movent, steady like g-unit

untill its finished an I sit back down an give it up

i will never say I wanna die, cuz I just live it up

my tracks are a metaphor, tossin an turning in ya head

keep you awake wit ya eyes open like ya layin tossin an turnin in ya bed

till i'm dead I will reap

I will leap, on these beats, continue to rep suburban streets

eye for an eye, i try an i try, cry an i cry

but time still passes by, fly like a bird up in ta tha sky

When I'm famous an i make it an one wings up at the top

I will promise you right now We will never flop, never stop

I don't care untill my last day, untill my notebook runs outta page

I will keep my self goin pace it fast

cause untill my last day i wear a jason mask (get it)

do you have to ask, cause my lifes so hard

i explain it bit by bit wit every track ever card

like a psy, i did it like, life was crusin in front of my eyes

but sometimes ya'll just don't realize,

i do this for a living i need to feed my fam

untill my last day I will hold it down like a man

Rep X2

Untill my last day. I will keep my faith

untill my last day. I will always pray.

foh the way I play,this messed up game

I'm still the same, Untill my last day....

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The beat and production was top notch good. Lyrical delivery had a strong feeling. However, I thought your flow was off a lil in some parts of the 1st verse. I thought the chorus could've been said stronger, just because of how the song comes off. But I like your style. Nice work.

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