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My Hurtin'


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She was my idol, my hero, my everything, give her a ring

Looked like a model but boy I tell you she could sing

One day at school I asked her out for the first time

She declined saying she was till hung over one single sign

So as time moved on we became the best of friends

I wish only now she could be driving in my mercedez benz

But the truth be told her favoirite colour was gold

Her love from me wasn't for sale, Wasn't going to be sold

Remember the day of her birthday, Her man didnt give her a card

So I did and believe me man, It was extremely hard

To keep my emotions inside, But one day I just snapped

Felt like I was in a tiny boxed room, Felt I was trapped

She was more pretty than anyone could ever even think

I had a drink and then my heart seemed to just sink

Im a man and i've never been ashamed so i started crying

My heart was broken and it felt like I wanted to be dying

Reasons why I love you, that I can never even describe

Too many words to say how I feel, you can get the vibe

Walking around school and there was one girl who was feelin me

So then I had no choice but to try it with her, It was killin me

I was lying to this poor girl and I only wanted to be with my one

No fun if I couldn't even ask a girl out and get the rejection done

On a day of a field trip I asked her straight in the morning

It seemed that she didn't understand the question, She was yawnin

Then I repeated it and then she said she was already going out

With a guy and this is the story to tell ya'll what my hurt is about...

Sampled Of 112 "Hey Luv"

Last year of school and I don't even know why I done what I did

Some call it puppy love just because they knew I was just a kid

But 2 years have past since then and I feel like a new man

Never a new plan the girl isn't mine and that I need to understand

I helped her get with a guy that she really liked, She was in love

So I asked god up in the sky If the pain will go away when up above

No where near enough words can ever describe that I love you

So many feeling's crumbled in a second but it felt that I was through

I had two shots and it seems that I gave it all that I had

Memories that can never be away she was happy in love, But I was sad

She had all the things that she ever cared for, just too late

Funny things was we were the best of friends and should of been fate

But thing's don't seem the way and the stories supposed to end

I'm going to say something I swore to myself I wouldnt repeat, Me a friend

And a drunken night and my aunties BBQ, I was just such a fool

Attempted to kiss her and then she never spoke to be again at school

I was suprised that her man didn't want to hit me in the face

I deserved it and I still stood where I stand in the exact same place

But I wasn't the only who was a jerk and who got hurt

I knew because I love her so much that it would never even work

In my own all alone poppa told me to keep my head up, just a broken heart

I said but we're apart but he said you've always been friends since the start

Sampled Off 112 "Hey Luv"

Everything that I say right now has a hidden message and a meaning

A year after school I ran into her once again with her dry cleaning

She smiled at then walked off with her dad, I watched her walk away

Feeling's came back to me like a lightning shot, the picture i'm trying to potray

Is that love can't work between two best friends, Down to the end

Late nights on the phone trying to give her the message that I send

I geuss I was too afraid to let out my true emotions

Joking around sayin' that I was going to take you across the oceans

She lauhged I laughed and really did have such a great time

Knowing she couldn't be mine that's why I made this rhyme

Let me describe she was the finest thing that I have ever seen

We all have our tastes but one day I wish she would be my queen

She broke up with the guy she had to cry, Said she wished she would die

I told her keep your head up theres no reason to deny, called me a sweet guy

I just replied sayin that life ain't worth living if you don't take chances

Midnight phone calls her tellin me her troubles, take her to salsa dances

Just to cheer her up, I wanted to tell her I did the best I could

But the hood caught up with me and now she said you should

Find the best way to think eat sleep and drink, Keeping it real

All the time she knew the deal, Now she don't know I would kill

Serve a life sentence just for one kiss, so I hope ya'll got the gyst

Wasn't a diss but one day I hope she would give the club hoppin a miss....

Sampled Off 112 "Hey Luv"

Thanks for reading feedback is appriechated, If there is any chances you think I should make please let me know, Thanks

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First of all you are very good in storytelling, for me it's not that easy to tell a story like that. Ok, I could do it in german but in english, naah :)

I think some lines are too long, the flow stops sometimes but that's the problem if you want to tell a story, so props for the lyrics, good job man!

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