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****zu With Mange


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I have no clue if any of you will know the answer to this but. We are thinking of getting a ****zu only problem is it has Mange, the dog is only 8 months old and mage isn't that serious. So i was wondering ya'll opnions on this!

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i guess u mean shih tzu lol.

mange is treated quite easily, but the breeder/kennels shouldnt really sell u a dog with a problem. They should get it treated before giving it to you. I would say it isnt advisable to get a dog with a problem unless u really like this dog. It can lead to underlying problems.

it also depends on what type of mange, different mites cause mange and some can be given to humans or can bite humans. They also need different types of treatment, if its a thing called demodex mite the treatment is quite nasty bcoz the shampoo can be dangerous.

check it out ive been revising so well for my vet nurse exams lol.

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ah ok, if its free i suppose u cant really expect them to treat it. Find out what type of mite it is that is causing the mange and i can give u more infomation. They are all treatable tho.

Just be careful who u are getting it from, even registered breeders are dodgy, some people give away dogs with all sorts of problems. If u get him take him straight to the vet and get the mange sorted and get the vet to give him a general health check.

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