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FuQ - A to Z/Girl On My Mind


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Hey y'all. I tried recording these tracks and a couple freestyles on my bro's burner. And it would've worked, but I didn't realize how bad the mic sounded until I got home. The headphones I wore, kinda limited my hearing outside sounds. So I figured I'd put up the computer versions instead.

1. A to Z - a classic and creative lyrical track that is more than likely a first for the way it is done.

Another Brotha Creating, Distributing Entertainment

Finishing Great Hits, Inventing Jams, Kickin Live Moments

No Other Puzzling Questions Rejecting Skill

Try Unifying Verbose Writings, X-raying Your Zeal

Appeal Bluntly, Can’t Dump Egos

Firm Grips Haven’t Insisted, Junky Keen Loads

Movin’ Nearly Obsolete

Poets Quote Rampant Streets

Times Untested, Vocal Weapons

Xylophonin' Young Zealots

About Beats Coordinating Dancers

Everyone’s Flamboyant Glancers, Homage Influences

Juggling Kudos, Liberating Messages

Never Opposing Preference, Quality References

Starting Togetherness, Uniting Variety

With X Yearning Zig-zagging


A lil bit of an A-Z by an MC

Not quite impossible cuz I made/make it work for me

By my side wit a dictionary

as I was on, the paper wit a pen

Truly Organized Rhyme, new way of creatin’


2. Girl On My Mind - a true old school feel track, sampling the Gap Band's "Outstanding"

It's constanly on my mind

Hopin' to be wit that perfect girl I find

She wouldn't be like none that I dealt with

Have a sexy body, but I'd respect it

Even when I'm tempted, I'd control my urges

that way when it finally happens, it won't feel worthless

I stuttter with my steps because I'm a shy guy

But with her, I'd be comfortable when I look in her eyes

We could talk about anything

Smooth like R&B, our conversation sings

Such a melody that can't be copied

Together we are the perfect harmony

And if we ever were to fight, it'd be alright

because it'd be like to respecting emcees battling on the mic

and that's hype, cuz when it's all over

she and I end up even more closer

Honey doesn't like to change too much

because that's like messing up with a poisonous touch

I tell her "You're so beautiful the way you are"

Please believe that cuz it's from my heart

So smart, she knows the ledge

Set her goals and strength to get ahead

I know it's only a matter of time

before I'm with that Girl on My Mind

Just when I said no more, a pretty face comes thru the door

Looked like everything I wanted in a female before

I'll admit, I was scoping for a quick second

So I'd remember her after I exit

and when I did, it was done, now I could think a bit

but thoughts in my head was spinnin' kinda quick

about her and others, maybe I'll love her

Let me investigate and keep it undercover

Won't let 'em get a brotha they can use and abuse

I'm good for the cause, I paid my dues

Got grip in my Nike shoes, I can stop

Stay away from the fast lane, life won't flop

No matter how her body demonstrates

Givin' me visions whenever I mediate

And I hope I run across her before it's too late

There's a danger to hurry or to be too safe

A proverbial warning

Staying calm before the storming

Wonder, could you understand

the time I took to make a mix not bland

Open a better jam for you because I can

I am what I am, let me be your man

I'll make my actions, just as efficient

when I spoke to you with such linguistics

I don't see fit, for me to get wit

a chick that likes to always contradict

Flip the script, I need to be exempt

Take a breath, like a junkie take a hit

Battling inside, if I should have a girl by my side

because I get trapped in others eyes, stay with devious lies

No cries, leave tears in, as another year begins

Struggle finding a label that will stick sayin friends

Only get as persuavive as my feelings can take it

It take two to make it right, but she won't make it

Outweighted, things I put up with, outdated

Cuz all I wanted was her even if we never dated

Now I'm sure, love don't live here anymore

Hard to accept a foundation built better than before

Unsure, at all energies like my minds on tour

Feeling so strained, and now I'm bored

Does it seem like I'm going for excellence?

Cuz I'm just going for my right preference

The world is mine and I will shine

whether or not I share it with that Girl on My Mind

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Girl On My Mind is dope. I know Papoose has 'alphabetical slaughter' but i think Brakes is talking about something different. Yours is different from alphabetical slaughter, b/c he'd do it with a couple words starting with one letter, and its this one really long verse. I'll check out the AZ audio soon.

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Really? By who? I want to check it out. Because when I searched for it (didn't know exactly how to find it), I didn't come across anything.

I can't remember the artist but I definately remember hearing this done before! Sorry I can't be any more help!

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