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my friend said he saw the party starter video on ch 136 or something like that (he has comcast digital cable)

and he was making fun of the song and video like crazy. i got so pissed at him, he was singing the words in a mentally retarted voice. im like are you serious? if you actualy hear the words insted of listening to them (courtsey of white men cant jump) maybe youll have differnt opinions. he still didnt care. so to prove to him how you can make anything sound retarted in that voice, i sang some song. (i regret this, sometimes i go too far) it was some jewish song that they sing at barmitzvas(hes jewish). now i dont have any problems with jewish people. i love em, i even wanted to be jewish one time haha, this is ghetting off topic.

but he stopped making fun of the song. so i think im gonna send him the lyrics. but most of all i think i did the stupid thing and got too angry when i should have waved em off.

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I allways make fun of some of my best friends..Most of them are girls so it`s easy and to damn funny to drive them crazy! :lolsign:

You don`t have to regret that..If he`s realy you`r friend he knows you`r just kidding right?

Oh and yeah..Show him the lyrics!

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