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FuQ - Ur Type of Guy


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Hey y'all. I was listening to instrumental cds and ran across LL's "Luv U Better" which I used to for this song. I heard it on the radio one morning and I got inspired to write. I wrote it for one particular girl, but all girls could relate to it.

Ur Type of Guy

Nov. 2, 2002 (10:40 a.m.) - Nov. 3, 2002 (9:30 a.m.)

Verse 1

What type of guy r u lookin' for?

The one who will stand up and represent for a cause

Or the type that's made of money, fame, and cars

Somebody whose all that, an atheletic superstar

Or the type that wants to live on the edge

Get high, get drunk, and drive beside a ledge

Or the type that wants sex every night

Even when U didn't want it, they'd do it and think it's alright

Or the type that wants to fight and debate

How they don't really love you, and love to come home late

And the one that causes problems, they want a clean slate

Forget everything, even the love of the 1st date

What about someone who can't stand when u go away

They'll pay attention and hear what u gotta say

Be amazed by ur beauty and love your style

I wanna make u smile


What's your decision?

U'll soon find out when U see the vision

Who's ur type of guy

And ur friends can't decide for U

It's up to U who U wanna choose

Who's ur type of guy

Verse 2

It makes me wonder if I'm the guy your lookin for

I could be that, and so much more

What type do U want me to be, tell me what do U see

Look at me, I'm like a selling cd

U could look at my cover and think U know me

U could look at my back and see the list of the songs

They're like my personality, U got to hear em all

Sample a little bit, but buy it at the mall

Hear me out and see how we connect together

It shows your not alone, I hope U feel better

Together, we can survive the worst of the weather

And the key word, is together

Now I know U feel better, cuz somebody cares

Ur not alone anymore with the touches of air

I know this is a surprise to U

But I've got to show U how much I love U


Verse 3

I wanna show U I can be there, show U that I care

I ain't the type to sneak around and try to be a playa

It ain't fair how someone can play with ya heart

Try to break U do and tear you apart

U got it all, tell me how many have noticed

The parts of ya mind that help U stay focused

What type of guy r u lookin for?

Did U find him, or do U need to think some more

I hope this song helps with the choices U need to make

Who's that guy your going wit, out on a date

Is he really that great?, U need to think in ya mind

Is he the guy that U wanted to find?

In the future, I might have a surprise

Just make sure U see it when U open ya eyes

Yeah, I know U may cry

But it's up to U if I'm Ur Type of Guy



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