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Chapter Two:Sustaining My Strength


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FINALLY! here's the second chapter, of the 3 part poem I'm doing,these def. aren't my best but it's the first time i've done something like this, so i'm just kinda getting a feel for it:

link to part one: http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/inde...?showtopic=5087

Chapter Two: Sustaining My Strength

Here I am again, awaiting the meeting with my destiny

This experience is so surreal, that my mind preceeds the rest of me

I perish the thought of glory that superceeds my skill

Because if I can't stay humble, then I can't stay real

So I step outside of self and take a glance in the mirror

Visions of restless dreams, reflect and become clearer

Through the smog I see, what was once called impossible

When at first, I never had a chance,things now seem probable

Everything is dog eat dog, it all fades into competiton

My belief buoys with it, somewhere in between fact and fiction

But I stand firm, grip my pen,and let the words fly

And the end result always proves,that it was at least worth a try

My effort pays off, and that's enough reward for me

I'd rather not be blinded by success, but seated close where I can see-

What awaits for me if I get better, and continue to give my all

I'm standing in the line for Fate, and I hear my name being called

I perspire as I anxiously await that special moment

When chance lands in my hands, and I can say I own it

I've come so far, yet there's so much left to do

The real secret to success, is to just be true to you

(to be continued with final chapter three)


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