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help needed for a traduction of a song


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Could one kind soul (or more) help me to understand the lyrics of a song? PLEASE. PLEASE.


It's a song of J-five (you remember the american rapper -unknown in the US- I talked to you about a few time ago?).

I have searched for translations in french of the song but they are all ( btw, I only

found two translations) real real bad so your help would be really appreciated. I swear I won't bore you with this guy afterwards. Pro-mised.

I have put in heavy type what I don't understand. If you could tell me what he says with other english words or in french (I understand approximate french), it would be really cool!

Last thing: If someone needs help to understand a french song, I'm here!


And it's a, talent most people should learn

How to

Make you laugh without saying a word

People have to yell nowadays to get heard

But Charlie was the man and that man could turn,

Serious, into delirious, he had

A myriad of ways to paint a smile, and,

Every woman in the house went oooh

If they wanted to act they better act on cue so

He kicked the game go figure

Had no time for gold diggers

The mack daddy of the 1930s, I'm

Kicking back on the couch watching modern times

One more time

Raise'em up

Hold that thought I got a vision it's intense

I want a globe I can bounce off of peoples heads

And when the earth starts shaking people will commence

In a laughter without one word being said

Does anybody here wants to hear my voice

Or is silence the golden choice

He kicked the game go figure

Had no time for gold diggers

The Mack daddy of the 1930s I'm

Kicking back in my couch, watching modern times

One more time

Ladies and gentlemen

Can you hold the applause, the show is about to begin

P.S: If someone is interested by watching the video of this track, it's here: http://www.jfivemusic.com/www/videos/modern_times_mov.mov

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