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Poem i did


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i lay down to sleep, with my head on my pillow

body under my sheets, crying i just can't get- no

sleep anymore, up all night, thinking what i did wrong

but aint nothing right since i made this poem

now my minds, filled up with emotions

just wishing theres a way to fix it, some kind of potion

sit by the ocean, smoothing sounds an waves

but my lifes been getting worse from day to day

aint no way i can fix it all by my self

got me a scyatress and a counclier just to try an help

but everyday comes something new, and painfull

back in court that day i swore i would take full

consiquences for my actions and the stuff i did

but then i lied anyway, "i neva stole from the kid"

i hope god forgives me for all my sins

cause i've done so much now its all but to hurt mah

bloodstains on my white tee, and my iverson jersey

money coming in from folks i dont know

an my homies say i just wanna help you man you my bro

but in actuality i just wanna be alone

sit by myself an die in this unhappy home.....

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