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Wrote the first verse to Mos Def- Hip Hop. The second verse was just something I wrote earlier that kinda fit in. Thoughts appreciated.

A Rhyme For The Future


Check 1, 2

When you’re good like me, the pressure just mounts

People want you to fail in dangerous amounts

Novelty is royalty unless it grows and sprouts

All your fame goes away and your checks just bounce

I sometimes wonder what it’d be like to be normal

13 year olds just growing, learning how to be formal

I’m entering 10th, 16 year olds accounting

For most teen hormones, experimental things and counting

While 8th graders are divided between themselves and try to hide it

Act mature, relive childhood or worse try to fight it

What does that make me the middle woman here

Stuck, how to act? Teens a headlight, I’m a deer

How could I be carefree 10 years old again

In reality much older then, with J.T. and Ben

I was heaven sent to outdo others at length

Showered with envy, til this day I draw blanks

Gotta plaque of the cross staring at me as the pen

Continues to flow across asking me why and when

Did I do this to myself, expected to lay like a hen

Kin expected to magically tell time like Big Ben?

Wanna deliver knockout rhyme punch lines

But college is much more useful to the lifetime

But the lure of the rap is stronger than red wine

Creating more decimals between 8 & 9

Cousin Luc’s becoming a doctor at Uni of Irvine

I go for checkups, but there’s where I draw the line

When the time comes 3 years later I’d be real

The same summer years, but my future would be the real deal

Choices less than the California governor vote

Either rap, law b-ball or the same old MD promote

Doctor’s a no, no, they use Asians to proto-

Type of doc they want one with glasses in the photo

Already said b-ball was my first love

Then get to the age you’re old for the push and the shove

I said I wanted Law, I guess that’s the second option

First if rap audiences don’t spend much time shopping

How I measure up to the stereotype I don’t know

Cause the fads of the mainstream I decided to forgo

At this point in time I think I want to rhyme

But is it such a crime to rethink my choice for the dime?

(Repeat 3x)

Where I wanna be at the point after high school

A damn fool shaking fries or the one that buys the rules

Are if you’re rich you can get any bitch, that’s sick

The problem is which school you wanna go to Rich

Living in the projects you’re expected to ditch

School and all that you’re expected to live & serve Rich

Homeless go to soup kitchens needing a refilling

A homeless man is willing to do anything appealing

Out of school pervs get the top end of this dealing

Riding boys & girls to them it’s so confusing

Why do I live like this? Why am I someone’s bitch?

Where’s my dad? I promise I won’t give him no lip

But it’s too late now, nothing to do but wish

God please, I hope I don’t end up like this

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KBF what can i say. that was amazing. Loved every line of that keep it up. Just a line I'd like to point out

"Why do I live like this? Why am I someone’s bitch?

Where’s my dad? I promise I won’t give him no lip

But it’s too late now, nothing to do but wish

God please, I hope I don’t end up like this"

I think that was the best ending of a verse i've ever seen. Teach me something will ya?

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shes ok i've seen better looking chicks where i live

You must get a lot of girls then! :interesting:

haha yeah finally haha :lolsign: im so smart now i feel like i got an IQ of 100? :daveuidiot:

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Are you singing or spitting??? :ponder:

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