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Well, the teaser trailer for The Rock's new movie Doom is out. And I must say, watching The Great One; the best pro-wrestler of the new generation play the lead role in a movie adaptation of probably the best video game of the new generation certainly got me emotional. So here is the trailer:

Doom Trailer

And here are some images:






So I got these from The Rock's fansite: www.dwaynejohnsonfever.net. Anywho, the movie release date is October 21, 2005. And even if this movie turns out to be a disappointment like Alien vs. Predator, I'll still love every bit of it because it features the jabroni beating, trail blazing, eye-brow raising, pie-eating, smackdown laying, a** whooping, sun of a gun, the best damn superstar of wrestling and entertainment today, The Great One himself!!!! If Ya Smelllalalalalalalalow..................What The Rock.......Is Cooking! :2thumbs:

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dude you have no idea how siked i am for this moovie, i am a huge doom fan. i heard about this moovie a while ago. i have been plying doom since i was 4!! i have every doom game excpet for final doom. whoch means 1,2,3, 3 ressurection of evil.

but theres alot of questions. like the rating, hopfully it will be R. cause look at alien vs predator. i was looking forward to that for a year. and it was pg-13. so it wasnt all it could be. and it upset lots of fans. same thing with doom if its pg-13.

and the other thing is the the rock is in it, and the rock is know for making stinkers....think about it, the rundown, walking tall.

so i just hope that its good. i dont think i saw the trailer b4! so i need to actually read your post brace,and watch the trailer.lol

i had to say somewthing about this i didnt even read your post. im a fanboy what can i say.

EDIT: i just watched the trailer (never saw it) and read your post. lol.. looks like you mentioned avp also. looks like its gonna be R. but i have a feeling it wont be that good. but hopefully im wrong.

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man that looks lieka really good movie the rocks a good actor he was funney as hell in the movie Be Cool haha espically his little music video... anyways can't wait for this sounds really cool

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