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thiss is a kind of rap/poem/keystyle i just went straight through wihout changing any lines tell me what you think.. its all true to if your wondering

God talked to me, and I'm just fourteen.

he said," yo kid common, fallow your dreams."

may not be his excat words, but close it seemed.

he said, "one for all dont fallow the team."

cause leaders are one, and fallowers are done.

by that i think he meant that my time will come.

i hear people talkin in my head, an i dont understand.

i wanted a regular life, none of this was planned.

but one day i woke up and **** changed in a bad way.

suddenly a good life turned away from one bad day.

everynight im up praying, "when will it stop?"

i keep asking, no answers, please answer me god.

now i aint neva been shot, neva killed no one,

never stabbed, just delt, stole, and hurt someone.

now i aint saying i'm prefect, and that i don't make mistakes.

but common you know how much **** that i take?

people on my back, pointing, an laughing at me.

i hear, "man aint that the kid that wants to be an emcee?"

i just turn walk away i better things to do.

like i wanna stand here an just listen to you.

talk bad about me, like you know who i am.

sayign because i cry it makes me less of a man?

well let me talk to you tell how i really feel.

whats really going on, and whats really the deal.

my dads sick, my dogs sick, my bro's loosing it all.

my moms cool but inside shes ready to fall.

i can tell myself its sort of like a six sence.

my friend down south still asking bout the money he lent.

now i've lied many times, and cheated on tests.

i've been given to much to handle, its pileing up on my chest.

they say god don't give you more then you can handle.

but this more that i can handle, and im only one man yo.

i can't stand it I cant cope, like i can't stand thoes who smoke.

people all up on my back, all the way down to my feet.

every night up till 5, cause i just can't sleep.

now i know you probaly thinking, "yoh whats up with this kid?"

but i'd liek to see you go through the **** that i did

and if you think that im lieing, an i'm telling a fibb.

then look at the scars on my chest, my arms, and my lips..now common..

Feed good and bad.

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thanks very much i need support right now so does stephie my cousin please say you prays for her she has a brain tumor they rumoved most of it but theres sill some left above her spine if it gets to her spine it can kill her please pray for her i know i do !

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yeah me too she got out of surgery awhile ago then she came home and can't really walk straight and she had to go through kemo (sorry bout spelling) then they found that she had more and she had to go back now she is at the stage where shes going through kemo and alot of other radation tests

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