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Just to let you guys know

Guest Prince

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I am also very sorry to hear your loss. I have also recently lost a family member who was very young 18. I can understand how hard it is to deal with. If you need someone to talk to email me. Its hard I know but it will get easyier but you will never forget. Stay strong.
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Guest Prince
Sorry I couldn't respond sooner... So this is for each of you, although I couldn't seem to be able to type how much y'all posts meant to me.

I knew cleaning wouldn't change anything, but it helped get my mind off it all you know? Thanks for responding so quickly.

Thank you man, it means alot.

Thanks. You guys are like the only people who I can tell anything to, and that are always there.

Yeah, I didn't really know who else to tell.

Cool thanks.

Nice words... Meant alot.

Thanks bro.

[b]Da Brakes-[/b]
Thank you. Hows the music going?

Thanks for the offer man

Thanks Tim, and apologies I wasn't moderating the Numero Uno forum for a while - I trust you guys behaved in my absense haha

[b]JumpinJack AJ-[/b]
AJ, what can I say... Your words meant so much. Thank you.

Thanks man, I should be posting with you guys alot more now :-)

Thanks cookies :-) How is Soflyy-Designs coming along?

Thanks Vipa.

Thank you. I'm really sorry to hear about your loss too... Hope everythings going ok.
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