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don't worry Julie he's cool now. he posted a this couple days ago. since then both tim and i have had pm's with him. hey maybe Fresh-Ta-Def can go in and edit his post to make it more appropriate. there's a good solution.

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haha YES thanks you i just wanted to get people to see my whack stuff because i have hated on you all so much since i've been here thanks you i'm not lieing i will start to put up my real songs now thanks.. and im african american/ Columbian and its 2 different people in thsi sogng im the first person  my name is Brian O'donnell and josh is my friend just to clear the contradicting up and yes im 14 now and i have grown up alot... sorry for the misconception

why did you put that song up in the first place? i really dont think "getting people to see your wack stuff cause you hated on all us" is that real of a reason. i might sound harsh but i think you posted that thinking you were gonna get positive feedback and thats an excuse.


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naw man i was talkign to some mods and they said that i have to stop direspecting peoples stuff and swearing and stuff so i decided to let ya'll see how bad it is so people ahve a chance to get at me

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