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im new check me out

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lifes difficult, its not-a-myth/

but you-gotta-grip, its few-positives/

you-gotta-live, so your "lifes-not-death"/

love your enemies so your "rights-not-left"/

behind, when you pass-away/

be a man of your "pride" if you pass-today/

an let your "proudness" "roar" if you last-today/

you were meant for more dont be so "fast-to-prey"/

dont be so quick-to-judge someone by their "nicks-an-mud"/

cause when we're cut we all drip-blood/

when we're down we all need to get lifted-up/

show strenght dawg pick-up-your-weight/


if you dont comply-with-it/

cause if you dont you'll "decline"-with-it/

get "depressed" an have your "spine-twisted"/

so yes indeed when your in-need pick up the weed,carpe di...

watchya think

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i dont know if im gonna name it carpe dium(which is the latin word for livin each day to the fullest) or "get yo weight up"(which i spelled wrong on the thread thing)

im sure u know what get yo weight up means

as of the lyrics i have alot of different styles so just tell me what you like an i'll post some of that

thanx for the feedback

much luv

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