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Circuit City had a bonus On The Set featurette DVD that came with the perchase of Hitch. They sold out b4 i could get it so i had 2 find it on the internet. I got it in the mail yesterday.

It's about 15 minutes long. I has lots of interviews and insight on the movie including all of the stars of the movie. They talk about the script, about working with each other, and professionals back up alot of the facts that FP gives thru' out the movie.

When it comes 2 FP, it shows him shooting alot of his scenes. His interview was shot during the wedding scene becuz he's wearing that suit. He talked about reading the 1st page of the script and wanting his part. He talks about his chemestry with the director and how they disagreed all the time, so when they did agree on something, they knew that moment waz gonna be "golden" on the screen. There's a part where Eva runs off 2 go 2 the bathroom and he starts talking 2 the camera and says she's has a drinkin' problem...kinda like the way he makes fun of Jazzy in the "Summertime: And Other Hits" video...ha ha. My favorite part is where the director calls cut becuz they had a "camera jam" and FP goes in2 a beatbox freestyle talking about the camera jam...it's HILARIOUS. If i can hooked my stuff right 2 bootleg the JJ+FP DVD and put it on CD, i'll try 2 put the audio of this featurette on CD as well so it can be put up on the board.

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