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maximum will

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what album are these tracks off? i never heard of them before

Disk 1


2.Willy From Philly

3.Rap Attack

4.A Place Called Bel-Air

5.Big Screen Dream

6.Degrees Of Separation

7.Alien Antics

8.The Biggest Willie

9.Just Warming Up

Off a Maximum Will Smith album... Iv seen a few of these such as MAximum eminem but i never knew they had new tracks on them.

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Those Maximum CDs are trash. They are nothing but annoying overseas people narrorating incorrect info over cheaply produced music. They have lil' bits of interviews but they usually aren't worth it.

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Yeh i picked this up, mainly cos it was in poundland :lolsign:

The info is trash, the interviews are rubbish quality and the general productions is just tack. The only half decent thing was a small fold out poster of Will.

oh well it was only poundland

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Ha, i only got mine cuz it waz crazy cheap 2. If i hadn't made the mistake of buying the Maximum TLC CD, i would have bought Maximum Will Smith for full price. Amazingly, Maximum Will Smith is even worse than Maximum TLC. I think i spent $3 on my M-WS.

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