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Hey, y'all. This was a quick track idea I had after searchin' for some Talib Kweli beats. It's a story (not true) told in the 1st person point of view. But I know it happens to people and could to anyone.

May 29, 2005 (3:30 p.m.) - May 30, 2005 (12:00 p.m.)

Intro (unscripted when record)

Verse 1

I wanna be good 2 U, but I'm a be truthful wit why my heart's hurtin'

Things about us uncertain, even when I put my work in

Lift up the curtain to this drama, feel pain wit no armor

Feel the conscious of what U did, I'll leave it on ya

I fell feeble into a whirlwind after months wit my 1st girlfriend

even ya crew around ya was sayin' "How could U hurt him?"

I wasn't made of money, but I was hungry in the struggle

Piecin' my time like a puzzle, I took that time to love U

No matter the ethnicity, I was hopin U & me

could be something special, even wit the differences in our families

I felt the moments when U just couldn't hold it in

took U to the side, tried to talk it out, U wouldn't open then

Obviously, U got a bone to pick

I can only get so technical wit that X-ray $#!&

U shouldn't fear, U were prevalent, in my heart, U made it

Would've been good to U baby, but U had to break it


Anything U asked was yours, I could provide for sure

Magnificent relationship that U don't want no more

Like Jagged Edge said, 'u can't handle a love that's true'

I was... "gonna be good to U..."

Verse 2

We carved our letters in the mason's work, but didn't crack a stone

Went home, listened to Shai, and then we got it on

for a couple of minutes, but didn't finish

Our parents probably knew all along, I think they sensed the image

Before they pulled us apart, I got that lover's eye

the one that make U my girl, make me ya guy

We were so young, but the emotions were high

I was weepin' like a willow on my pillow cuz I wanted U by my side

Conceal my feelins round those boys, pretend men

Realize how real it was, and not back down again

Then maturity reached, and I was ready to reach

for ya femininity no other girl had in our city

I put ya hand in mine, told ya my mind's fate

saw us movin' outta state by 2008

U agreed and believed, but U weren't following me

We connected to be 2gether but now it wouldn't be


Verse 3

I set the targets, worked the hardest, got us an apartment

Went to college, got a degree, came out the smartest

Got an affordable car, when I became a rap star

Takin U on tour wit me, we know where we are

I showed ya parents the etiquette, they respected it, let me go on bout my ways

I was gonna be good to u for all of our days

U faded a good sound, put ya life on the down low

tryna keep me from something that I needed to know

U went to different standards, to a guy's who hand was

gonna beat ya til ya unstable, or he was in handcuffs

Damn, I know it's ruff, but U changed for the worst

Used to care, but now U won't even put ya-self 1st

in a respectable matter, and I don't mean being greedy

I mean takin' care of ya own, not hurtin' others being

U trapped ya-self in a nightmare, where dreams don't come true

Sleep uneasy knowing how I was good 2 U



btw, this is gonna be track 2 on my album. I'm startin off a lil different.

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