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Jay-Z giving props to Will?


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On the Black Album on "What More Can I say," Jay-Z twice says he's "willie" meaning flashy, has cash etc. In one line he says, "Lemme spell it for you W-I-Double L-I-E, nobody truer than H-O-V." What I'm wondering is, was the term "willie" around in rap before will made his 1996/97 comeback? Or do you guys think this term came about because of Will?

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Chuck D released a song called "Free Big Willie" on his "Mistachuck" album in '96, I don't think that has nothin' to do with FP. :kekeke: A lot of rappers used that term big willie back in the mid-90s, I really don't hear too many rappers using that term now, they use "bling bling" and "crunk" more now.

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