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Bradley Nowell

registered: 12/10/2001 00:00

posts: 11011

I think you should do a Fresh Prince of Bel Air movie


Or instead of making costly, action comedy bull**** movies, you should try independent cinema.

I'm not talking about Ali. Boy did that blow donkey dick.

You're not Brad Pitt yo, so quit trying to copy him, like you tried in I Robot.

The Bad Boy movies are bad ass, no question about it.

Comedy is your strong arm. MIB one and two are hilarious.

Your serious roles, Bagger Vance and Ali are ****.

You need to do independent cinema, playing an ignant ass nigga or something along those lines.

A junkie, or something where you don't look pretty like you usually do in public.

Take a chance and stay away from "music" for a while.

Trust me, I got the perfect part for you rich boy.

Bradley Nowell

registered: 12/10/2001 00:00

posts: 11013

I'd say the whole album


Isn't even worthy to be used as a coaster for my beer.

Switch it on over to real music yo.

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